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Volleyball Team Beats Glendive, Plentywood

Both Wins Take Four Games; Dickinson Next


The Glasgow Scotties earned a close win over Glendive in four games, 23-25, 25-19, 25-22, 25-23, at home on Thursday, Sept. 19.

The Scotties faced a tough and skilled team and had to fight throughout the entire game to get the victory. Glendive was impressive defensively and effective offensively. The visitors unsurprisingly took the first match as Glasgow would accumulate mistakes and give away several points.

“I was not surprised by the quality of Glendive,” coach Lori Dailey said. “I was really pleased by how we played, even if we lost the first game.”

The Lady Devils of Glendive had some great kills and took a 10-point lead at one point, making it 14-24 until the Scotties woke up and rallied to close the gap to 23-24. Unfortunately, a missed serve by the Scotties gave the first set to Glendive, 23-25.

The break gave coach Lori Dailey the opportunity to help her players recover from the first set and continue the momentum of their outstanding rally. The Scotties had finished the first set strong, but they started the second one even stronger. The girls showed Glendive that they too could strike some kills with their cannons Megan Dailey, Abby Dalbey and Dana Hughes. Just like the Lady Devils in the first game, the Scotties took a big lead before letting their opponent come back to make it 25-19.

The crowd was pleased with the level of play, and the game was a nail-biter until the very end. Both teams played superb volleyball, with multiple plays of five or six volleys before scoring a point.

The Scotties took the third set, 25-22 and fans started a cheer battle, asking each other who had the most spirit. The Scotties did. Pushed by their home crowd, the Red and White showed the visitors that it wouldn’t be easy to defeat them at home this season. They earned the fourth and final set, 25-23, and the fans went wild.

Glasgow played great defense, racking up 44 digs and 11 blocks. Senior Abby Dalbey had 12 digs and five blocks. Offensively, Senior JoLynn Reyling had 36 assists, and perfectly served senior Megan Dailey for 15 kills. Sadie Sukut was the best server with three aces.

“It seems that we always start slow, but I am thankful that we end up gaining momentum,” the coach said. “I think that other teams view us as a team that never stops. As long as we keep getting stronger and stronger and we can keep the game going on, we can usually win at the end.”

Glasgow – Plentywood

The Scotties defeated Plentywood after four games, 21-25, 25-18, 25-19, 25-14, for their homecoming match on Saturday, Sept. 21.

After a tough match against Glendive on Thursday, the Scotties faced another great opponent that gave them some problems from start to end.

The game started after the Saskatoon Police Pipe & Drums Band warmed up the place with some great tunes. The fans were ready to go ... but not the Scotties.

Once again, the Scotties got off to a slow start, and Plentywood managed to take a good lead in the first minutes of the first set. The Scotties came back, but it was not enough and they gave up the set to the Lady Pirates, 21-25.

After the break, the Scotties got back on the court with better intentions. More focused defensively, and more deadly offensively, they played great volleyball and earned the second set, 25-18.

This was the beginning of the awakening of the team. Senior Megan Dailey found her power, earning 17 kills overall. Players were on every ball, covering every inch of the court. Among them senior Abby Dalbey had seven of the team’s 28 digs.

Pushed by a good crowd and the presence of some loud Scottie football players, the team accumulated some great plays to take the third set, 25-19.

The fourth set was a formality for the Scotties, who kept their momentum going. The Lady Pirates looked tired and could not do anything to stop the Scotties who won the final set, 25-14.

Sadie Sukut had an amazing game defensively with nine blocks and multiple digs. She was clean in her game and rarely made mistakes.

She also had six aces. Senior JoLynn Reyling had 30 of the team’s 31 assists.

The Scotties also had 38 kills, 12 blocks, and 11 aces.

The Scotties will hit the road this Friday to play two games against Dickinson on Friday and on Saturday.


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