By Samar Fay
Courier Editor 

Levies Set For School Districts


At their regular meeting on Tuesday, the Valley County Commissioners passed a resolution that set the all school district levies as follows:

• Glasgow, 256.69 mills.

• Frazer, 353.98 mills.

• Hinsdale, 145.73 mills.

• Opheim, 149.49 mills.

• Nashua, 220.74 mills.

• Lustre, 242.09 mills.

• District 5, 59.75 mills.

• Total Valley County elementary, 40.41 mills.

• Total Valley County high school, 62.78 mills.

• Total Valley County transportation. 5.56 mills.

Heavy spring rains hit Valley County roads and other infrastructure hard again this year. A Presidential Disaster declaration was made in June. Repairs to all the damages were beyond the resources of the county. To qualify Valley County for FEMA disaster funding, the county was required to appropriate the equivalent of a 2-mill disaster levy ($44,586) to the emergency/disaster fund ,. This 2 mills will be levied in 2014.

The county received $202,000 in federal assistance and $40,000 from the state, which was used for culverts and gravel to repair roads.

The commissioners adopted the 2013-2014 budget, which is still being refined with new information.

An agenda item to pay dues to the Montana Association of Reservation Counties died for lack of a motion.


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