By Virgil Vaupel
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Immigration Or Infiltration?


Just for grins and giggles I'd like you to try an experiment if you would. Be sure your homeowners insurance is up to date and you have an alternative place to hang your hat.

Turn on the water in your upstairs bath tub and set it to a medium to fast drip, drip, drip. Then have your family pack their clothes and get ready to go to Wally World for two weeks of summer fun and excitement.

While you are getting a second degree sunburn over 75% of your body, let me explain what's happening in your home.

The drip, drip, drip continues unceasingly and fills the tub. But it doesn't stop there. It continues dripping, dripping, dripping until the bathroom floor is under 6 inches of water and that's when the ceiling collapses and gallons upon gallons of water cascades down ruining your great-grandmother's oak dining room table valued at 15 grand.

The water doesn't stop there folks. It seeps through all the crooks and crannies, under doors and through the heating ducts flooding the basement where all your priceless momenta are stored.

You come home to a ruined house ... but you have added a swimming pool in the basement so it's not all bad, is it?

By my headline I suppose most of you can guess where I'm going with this story.

We've all heard the noxious “Press 1 for English” prompt when calling most government and business numbers. “Press 2 for Spanish” seems logical considering the number of Spanish speaking people we have in our country who simply refuse to learn English.

But this is where I draw the line in the proverbial bull pie folks. The State of Michigan has added a “Press 3 for Arabic. ARABIC??? (You can verify all this by calling 1-888-678-8914 or by going to Then click on “forms” and request a 1171AR.)

Have we forgotten that the maniacs who destroyed the Twin Towers on 9/11 were speaking Arabic as they crashed into the buildings killing nearly 3,000 people.

Weren't they speaking Arabic when they crashed into the Pentagon? And “Press 3 for Arabic” was used when the plane crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside, killing all aboard.

And what about the Boston Marathon pressure cooker bombers?

Like the 11 million illegals all ready in the U.S. and vying for citizenship, the Arab speaking people are entering the United States illegally and we are welcoming them with open arms and baskets full of welfare benefits.

Our law states that polygamy is unlawful. Folks in Utah and Illinois have been imprisoned for having multiple wives. Sharia law allows a man four wives. Muslim women are denied the vote. Muslim women are totally subservient to their husbands and walk three paces behind. Nearly every thing in sharia law flies directly in the face of the United States Constitution.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you saying, “But most of these people are good people and we should let them come share our bounty.”

Let's just say, yes, maybe most of them are good people but the bad ones have to do something bad before they can be weeded out. Are you comfortable with that? I surely am not.

Europe (mainly the Netherlands and Sweden) is being infiltrated by Muslims. In some localities the Muslim population is above 35 %. Our neighbors to the north, although seemingly less vocal about the situation, are finding themselves being inundated by Muslims demanding space to build their mosques.

Upon some researching I have discovered that the “Land Down Under” is also experiencing an infiltration of Muslims.

Seems the Nation of Islam has targeted all Christian countries to a duel. And to this point they seem to be winning.

It's time to stop the drip, drip, dripping. Turn off the immigration/infiltration faucet before it completely ruins our homeland.

Our differences are far too diverse to ever think that Muslims and Christians can coexist.

Since the inception of the Nobel Prize nearly 130 Jewish folks have won various awards. Just four Muslims have ever won.

To better understand what I have just said, maybe you should pick up a copy of the Koran. Have someone translate it for you. It's also available in English. It'll open your eyes to a new world indeed.

Oh, and my Funk and Wagnalls says the definition of infiltration is “to gain entrance gradually and surreptitiously.” I say, “Incrementally.”

That's it for now folks. Thanks for listening.

Virgil Vaupel is The Courier's Hinsdale correspondent.


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