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Dress Codes

Series: Remember When | Story 8

Remembering dress codes of the past. Remember when you as a female, could not wear pants to school. You may remember the indignity of having to wear long pants under your dress as you walked to school on days like some of our recent ones. And you never wore pants to church, weddings, funerals, or other social things.

Many outings required hats and dress gloves. It has been easy for me to forget the head coverings and gloves, but somewhere along the line I must have been chastised many times about “proper attire” as I still have difficulties wearing “casual” attire to above mentioned gatherings.

When did dress codes change in the schools? Don’t take me wrong, I think it has been a good change especially for areas like ours. There has been changes in mens attire also as you do not see too many men in a “suit” anymore either. Not sure my memory is correct, but it seems I can remember an eye doctor that always wore a suit.


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