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November 16, 2022

For the week of Oct. 31 through Nov. 6, there were 18 motor vehicle stops, one report of a missing dog, eight reports of loose livestock, one report of a loose dog, and one report of a VIN inspection on a vehicle.

Tuesday, Nov. 1

1002 – Reporting party called in stating on Friday she won some money at the Cottonwood then went to the Oasis and won some money. She stated it totaled $1,200. She went to the bathroom at the Oasis, the money was in her purse, and then when she got home she got into her purse and the money was gone. She called the Oasis, who stated they have video of an individual taking it out of her purse. The offender did bring the money back later Friday night and the caller picked it up on Saturday.

1125 – The manager of a hotel said about a month ago, and then again today, someone has parked in his parking lot, leaves the vehicle running, gets out and then walks away. He doesn't know where the person goes and what they are doing. The plate number for the vehicle was provided. The caller was notified that he can have it towed at his expense or dispatch can try to get in touch with the registered owner and let them know she can't park there. He stated he would like the person called and asked not to park in his parking lot. Deputy was notified and he will speak with the registered owner and make her aware they do not want her parking in that lot.

1718 – Caller reported one of her employees caller her and told her that there is a young woman standing in front of the school. A description of the female was provided. At 1752, deputy advised they were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

1858 – Reporting party requested a civil standby. Her brother and her niece left Poplar about 30 minutes ago at the time of the call in a pickup. The brother and his wife are going through a divorce and she just threw his stuff out. She has been making threats of burning his stuff and saying he has so much time to pick up his belongings. At 1908, an officer knocked on the door and no one answered. At 1916, officer advised he poke with the male and the other party.

Wednesday, Nov. 2

0509 – Reporting party called and said there was a dead deer in the ditch just before the entrance to th cemetery on the north side of the road. A deputy found the deer and confirmed it is dead. DOT was called as well as the City Street Department.

1218 – An anonymous male called in stating there is a SUV that is in front of him now and that there were two vehicles between them when the SUV pulled over. The other two vehicles passed then the subject pulled back onto the highway. The vehicle is swerving all over the road. At 1224, a deputy advised that when he got to MT Hwy 24N, there was a small gray SUV that turned onto US Hwy 2, which showed no driving behaviors to pull it over. At 1228, the deputy advised he passed a silver car, that could be mistaken for a SUV. He had to drive about one mile north before he could turn around as there was traffic. He is not trying to find the vehicle.

1748 – FMDH reported a dog bite that took place. Patient was bit by the family dog on the hand.

Thursday, Nov. 3

1028 – An employee with the bank called in stating she has a bank customer in the bank right now and the customer is on the phone with a male subject who is telling her she has to give him her bank account number and then go get a card from Albertsons. The caller was informed this is a scam. The caller wanted to know if GPD wants the caller to do something that can help the situation. Dispatch conferenced officer into the call.

1702 – Transit dispatch reported a male backed into one of the Valley County Transit buses. There is no damage to the transit but but his bumper has damage.

1933 – Caller reported she received a scam call from the dispatch phone number. She said the caller told her they have a warrant out for her arrest because she failed to appear in court. They told her that she was supposed to be a witness in reference to a patient. She also was notified the Billings Police Department are on their way to a residence. Dispatch advised a deputy of the complaint and patched them up with the caller.

Friday, Nov. 4

0009 – Reporting party is requesting a welfare check on a male. She said he is very intoxicated and has been suicidal in the past. He didn't come home after work and she just talked to him where she found out he is still at work. She said he is belligerently drunk and can barely talk. At 0038, per office, the male's mother-in-law picked up and will be clear now. They have figured out how to lock the place up.

0341 – A suspicious vehicle was reported. It was determined to be someone sleeping in the vehicle.

1130 – Reporting party called in two dead coyotes on the north side of the highway west of the bowling alley, west of town. A message was left for MT DOT.

1531 – RCSO dispatch called stating they got a call about a white van that passed him on the right side, almost hitting the ditch, then sped off at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was located at 1535.

1645 – Reporting party stated he has found a pair of pants and a wallet on the dock at Winter Harbor. He would like a deputy to come pick these items up.

1710 – Manager for a local business said he had to terminate an employee yesterday. He said the male became very angry very fast and was yelling when he left. He then returned, threw his till keys at the manager with force. The caller wanted to get the incident on record in case they start to have problems with him. He didn't want to speak with an officer at this time.

1829 – An officer is out with three vehicles stopped in the middle of the road on a hill for a public assist.

2008 – Deputy advised he's enroute to Frazer/Richland Road on US 2 to assist Tribal with blocking the road so 300 head of cattle can cross the road. At 2013, it was advised deputy will notify when they're going to shut down the highway. At 2018, it was advised the highway would be shutdown.

2244 – Roosevelt 911 advised that a woman called them reporting she hit a cow just outside of Frazer on the west side. The woman has her children with her and is shook up. They don't know if there are any injuries and the woman was going to check on her kids. RCSO Dispatch stated they're going to send an officer and will also notify Highway Patrol. At 0003, it was reported Tribal is going to take the driver on a warrant, and MHP just got on the scene. There are no visible injuries.

Saturday, Nov. 5

1532 – Reporting party called on 911 stating they rolled their camper about 4.1 miles from the Willow Creek Road on Pines Road. They are blocking the road but there are no injuries. A description of the vehicle they are driving was provided. MHP was notified who will pass it on to their available officer. A deputy was also notified.

1606 – Reporting party called in what he believes to be a loose wire. He isn't sure if it is electrical as he doesn't see sparking. He said it appeared to be a wire that goes to the tennis court for the lighting there. An officer was asked to check out the area to see if he could identify.

1704 – Reporting party called in to let officers know that the neighbor was taking the leaves out of her yard and placing them in the street where a local business was working. Dispatch asked if the leaves were not being blown away with the high winds and he stated they are piled up in the street. AN officer was passed along the information. At 1722, an officer advised there are leaves in a trailer and with the wind the leaves are blowing around. He can't see anything piling up in the street.

1909 – Reporting party stated he is the drivers ed teacher and today they were heading toward Wolf Point, when an oncoming vehicle with a trailer lost a tire. The tire went by them, but were hit by what he thought was a rock. They checked when the got to Wolf Point and there was a greasy spot and a piece of tire at the impact site on the windshield. Caller asked if that is something dispatch can do reports for. It as advised to talk to the school superintendent and find out what their policy is and/or to contact the insurance company to see if they need a report.

Sunday, Nov. 6

0736 – Caller wanted to speak with Fish and Game warden about a bull elk he came across. The Fish and Game who was contacted wasn't on shift but would take down the information and call the reporting party back.


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