By Michelle Bigelbach
The Courier 

General Election Results in Valley County


November 9, 2022

In the Nov. 8 Mid-Term Election, a total of 3,278 registered voters made their voices heard, of the total 4,928 registered voters in the county, making this election a 67 percent turn out.

In the unofficial results provided by the Valley County Election Office, incumbent John Fahlgren won re-election with 1,568 votes compared to Jerry Davenport’s 1,531.

In the uncontested races, Clerk and Recorder/Superintendent of Schools Marie Pippin received 2,831 votes, while Sheriff/Coroner Tom Boyer received 2,591 voters, Attorney Dylan Jensen received 2,558 votes and Treasurer Brenda Anderson received 2,908 votes.

Also up to the voters was the option to retain Justice Christina Hillman, with 2,748 votes for yes and 292 votes for no.

The Non-Medical Marijuana Excise Tax For received 2,597 and 596 votes against. The Medical Marijuana Excise Tax also passed with 1,899 yes votes compared to the 1,279 votes for against.

Valley County District 31 chose Arlie Gordon (R) who received 451 votes while his challenger Frank Smith (D) received 214 votes.

Valley County District 33 chose Casey Knudsen (R) who received 992 votes while his opponent Jordan Ophus (D) received 306 votes.

Rhonda Knudsen (R) received 983 Valley County votes for State Representative District 34.

In other State races, Randy Pinocci (R) received 2,519 Valley County votes to hold his position as Public Service Commissioner District 1. Valley County choose Jim Rice for Supreme Court Justice 1, receiving 2,325 votes while hie challenger Bill D’Alton received 482 votes. James Brown also received the most Valley County votes for Supreme Court Justice 2, receiving 1,687 votes compared to his opponent Ingrid Gustafson with 1,345.

In the Federal race, Valley County voters chose Matt Rosendale (R) receiving 2,217 votes, while Gary Buchanan (I) received 429, Sam Rankin (L) 62 and Penny Ronning (D), 512.

Valley County voted Yes for Constitutional Amendment No 48, Requires Search Warrant For A Person’s Data, with 2,536 votes compared to the 527 votes for no.

Valley County also voted Yes for Legislative Referendum No 131, Requires Medical Care To Be Provided Medical Care For Infants Born Alive with 1,755 votes for and 1,325 votes against.

A full break-down of votes by Precinct will be in the Wednesday, Nov. 16 issue of the Glasgow Courier.


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