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Think You Know Who Receives Your Property When you Pass Away? Think Again...

Do you know who will receive your property if you pass away without an estate plan? Do you know when wills or trusts have control over property and when they don’t? Montana State University Extension Family Economics Specialist Dr. Marsha Goetting answers these questions and also explores how you can avoid probate with payable on death designations (PODs), transfer on death registrations (TODs), and other beneficiary designations. Estate Planning provides many options on how to structure your future wishes.

MSU Extension, Valley County Community Foundation and the Montana Community Foundation have partnered to bring Dr. Marsha Goetting to Glasgow Friday, Nov. 4, at the Cottonwood Inn for her Wildflower Reflections and Estate and Legacy Planning workshop. Informational seminars will be hosted at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. The evening program will feature a light meal.

These workshops will cover wills as well as the estate planning process. Dr. Goetting will also highlight the Beneficiary Deed law that allows a Montanans to pass real property to your heirs without probate. She will provide illustrations of how your property is titled impacts who receives it upon your death.

Please call the Valley County Extension Office, 228-6241 to register for these seminars. We will need a count for supper for the evening program.

Dr. Marsha A. Goetting is a Professor and Extension Family Economics Specialist at Montana State University in Bozeman. During the past 10 years she has presented over 330 educational sessions reaching over 11,500 Montanans with financial and estate planning information. She has also authored over 76 MontGuides and bulletins and has received national, regional, and state awards for her financial management and estate planning programs.

Dr. Goetting received her Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Family Economics and Adult Education from Kansas State University and her PhD from Iowa State University. Please contact the Valley County Extension Office for more information, 228-6241


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