Clean Indoor Air Act


March 23, 2022

Dear Editor,

Let's resolve to keep our air clean in 2022! Doing so will help all of us stay healthy.

Do your part by observing Montana's Clean Indoor Air Act, which prohibits the use of all smoking products, including cigarettes, cigars, hookah, pipe tobacco and marijuana in all workplaces and indoor spaces.

Montanans voted overwhelmingly to approve the Clean Indoor Air Act in 2005, and it's helped protect adults and children alike from dangerous exposure to secondhand smoke, which contributes to asthma attacks and poses a risk for cancer and heart and lung disease.

This vital health protection recognizes that a person's right to healthy air comes before a person's right to smoke.

The U.S. Surgeon General states that the only way to protect people from exposure to smoke is to prohibit it entirely from a building. Smoking sections and expensive air filtering devices won't eliminate the risk.

If you see someone smoking in a workplace or in an enclosed public place, report it at You can use the same link to request free smokefree signs for your business, workplace or rental properties.

Contact Valley County Prevention Specialist at 406-228-6261 for more information about state or local smoke free laws.


Valley County Prevention Specialist Teri Meche


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