911 Calls for Nov. 15 through Nov. 20


December 1, 2021

Photo Courtesy GPD Senior Patrolman Josh Nolan

The Northeast Montana Special Response Team met Friday at the Glasgow Police Department for a physical training assessment, which must be completed once annually. Seen here from left are GPD Tyler Edwards, Phillips County Deputy Jessie Niehoff and Valley County Deputy Jesse Vaughn.

There were 10 motor vehicle stops, five animal control calls, four hazards, four dog/cat control calls, three suspicious activity calls, one report for record, one assist citizen/public assist, one system trouble and one alarm.

Monday, Nov. 15

• 1558 – Caller reported that he's received several

calls from a local number. The subject wants him to pay $500 or he will be charged. He's already reported the calls to his law enforcement and they told him this sounds like a scam. Dispatch also advised him that this sounds like a scam.

• 1812 – Caller reported that her ex is tracking her location. She discovered this when she went on Google Photos. She said they are in the middle of a custody case. She already reported this to her lawyer and was told to report it to LE.

• 2115 – An officer advised that he'll be walking in the underpass. The officer said he was advised by a deputy that there may be some vandalism to the new mural that was painted.

Tuesday, Nov. 16

• 2012 - Caller reported that they had a gas drive-off about 5 minutes ago. The subject owes $77.10.

Wednesday, Nov. 17

• 1238 – A male called in wanting it on record that there was some vandalism at Vandalia Dam. He states that one of the hatch coverings was taken. Asked him if he wanted to talk to an officer about this incident, he stated no, he just wanted it on record. This problem has already been fixed.

Thursday, Nov. 18

• 1104 – Gas station employee advised they just had a drive-off of $389.18. The employee called back to advise they called the company and advised them of the accidental drive-off. They will have the truck turn around and go back and pay for the fuel.

• 1647 – Reporting party called in stating that on 11-03-2021 someone opened a credit card in her name. Then on 11-05-2021 someone changed her address. She advised that somehow someone got her DOB, name and SSN.

• 1846 – Store employee called in to report a drive-off.

Friday, Nov. 19

• 0841 – Caller reported his vehicle was taken last night sometime. He states he woke up this morning and his keys are gone. He believes that a female took it. He said he doesn't know where she would have gone, maybe Billings or Washington state. Told the caller dispatch would send an officer over to talk to him and he would have to come in and fill out some paperwork in order to put the vehicle in as stolen.1002 – BCSO called, he states that at about 0300 hours this morning, this vehicle ran out of gas just east of Chinook. The driver was put up in a hotel room for the night. Advised that this vehicle was reported stolen this morning. He stated to hav the male call them as soon as possible on this matter. Called the registered owner and gave him the call-back number for BCSo and told him about his car being found.

• 1403 – Superintendent called in stating they have a basketball tournament going on at the school. They have someone that needs to be removed at this time. 1413 – The school called and said they had some people escort this subject out.

Saturday, Nov. 20

• 1137 – A female called in stating there is a rollover accident in front of the stockyards that her husband reported to her. Received multiple 911 calls about a rollover accident at the stockyards. An officer stated two individuals needing transport.


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