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911 Calls


November 17, 2021

There were 10 animal control calls, six motor vehicle stops, five assist citizen/public assists, four traffic control calls, four dog/cat control calls, three reports for record, one hazard, one disorderly conduct, one alarm, one status check, one abandoned vehicle and one parking violation.

Monday, Nov. 1

1415 – Wallet was brought into dispatch. A woman stated she left word with someone to tell the owner it was here. Called and left a message for the wallet owner.

Tuesday, Nov. 2

0357 – Caller reporting she hit a deer and she went in the ditch and rolled her vehicle on its side and she is stuck inside. She said she wasn't hurt. 0436 – Fire command on scene. Vehicle is off in field. 0438 – EMS call, said driver is fin, waiting on deputies. 0509 – Deputy requested wrecker.

0959 – Caller reported on 911 that someone hooked onto his trailer and drug it across his property. He was asked to call back on the non-emergency line to finish the report. Once the caller connected with dispatch again, it was reported that the trailer in question belongs to the caller's father, who is out of town at the moment. The caller further stated he knew who took the trailer, it was his grandfather as he watched him hook up to the trailer and take off. This is a civil issue concerning the trailer.

1014 – Caller reported a vehicle that had hit the cable on the bridge at approximately 6 miles west of Hinsdale and just east of Bjourneberg Bridge. He states the woman said she reached down to get a blanket for her child and swerved into the cable. The caller did mention the tire was a ways behind where the car came to rest. There are no injuries reported. A deputy advised the party is going to move the vehicle themselves in a couple of hours. The deputy was going to finish taking pictures of the guardrail and asked that DOT be contacted. Message was left for Glasgow DOT about the damage to the guard rail.

Wednesday, Nov. 3

1619 – Caller reported that someone rear ended him at the approach to the stockyards. No injuries. A second person called to report the same. He didn't know if there were any injuries but said the accident involved a horse trailer, cars, and a truck.

1737 – Caller said he was headed eastbound on the Cut Across Road north of Glasgow. A vehicle was going westbound and dragging something in the gravel, unknown what was dragging – possibly a bumper or something. He said the vehicle was speeding and throwing gravel all over and damaged is windshield. The vehicle then went through his field. The vehicle is headed to Glasgow and he is following but it is pulling away. 1834 – Another caller reported a vehicle that was doing about 70 MPH on the Spring Coulee Road. The vehicle is dragging what appears to be barb wire. He said this vehicle sprayed his vehicle with gravel.

1852 – Caller reported that she was eating dinner at Eugene's and just left the building. She's in the parking lot and found that someone had hit her vehicle. She didn't see the vehicle that hit it.

2119 – The caller reported a suspicious vehicle that's checking out the houses on Ash Street. He said the vehicle is stopping at each house and sitting for five minutes at a time.

Thursday, Nov. 4

0529 - Female RP called in stating she was awakened by a male who had stopped his pickup in her yard. When confronted, the male said he was just coming up from Wyoming and that this is the road from Wyoming. RP Says she lives on a dirt road and is not close to the highway. She told the male that the road was definitely not the road to Wyoming. The male told her that he was jus there to fix his brake line. She informed him that he was not at a service station, that this was a house and asked him to leave. When asked, she said the male left when asked to leave.

0941 – A male called in stating he just hit a deer. He believes there is quite a bit of damage to his vehicle. HE states the deer is still moving. A deputy advised the deer is dead and in the ditch. Notified MT DOT and gave him this information.

2120 – A female called in stating she hit a deer a while ago. She advised she pulled the deer off of the road to the side of the road and the deer is dead. 2147 -Called bak the RP to confirm with her details of the call. At this time she mentioned a second car. She advised when she hit the deer, the deer flew back and hit some other lady's car. She advised she didn't know the lady but knows her occupation. She also advised this lady took her information down.

Friday, Nov. 5

0700 – A male reported the ex-boyfriend of the vehicle owner just vandalized her car. He said the vehicle is sitting across the alley. He said the owner left a long time ago, but left her car there. When he took the garbage out at 0600, the vehicle was fine. A witness said this happened within the last five minutes. The RP said there is extensive damage to the vehicle.

1107 – An officer advised to start a call for vandalism.

2106 – A female caller said she loaned her vehicle to a male about 3-4 hours ago so he could get a bite to eat. HE was only supposed to be gone for a short while. She's not sure where he was going. At this point she doesn't want to sign it stolen, but she may change her mind if it's not returned soon. Per a deputy, spoke to a male at that residence. He said the person in question was there earlier for a funeral. He said the male was planning on heading to North Dakota this evening. 2148, per deputy, RP wants to report car stolen. 2214 She signed the vehicle stolen.

2349 – Per deputy, found the car. RP doesn't want to press charges. Talked to the male abou tbeing more careful with using the car.

Saturday, Nov. 6

1033 – Caller reported someone drove across his yard this morning. He wants to speak to an officer and at this time didn't want to press charges, but wants in recorded in case this spring he ends up having problems with the sprinkler heads in his yard.

1430 – Caller reported a vehicle with four hunters in the back shooting into a herd of deer near his house. Reported to Fish and Game. They are going to get a warden headed out to that direction. No wardens in the area. Requested a deputy to respond. 1538 – Deputy advised they are UTL the vehicle at this time.

1648 – Wallet found at Reynolds. 1708 – Wallet was picked up by owner.

1742 – Female RP called in and requested a firetruck be sent for a propane tank that blew up in their barn. Her husband is spraying down the tank. 1801 – Deputy reported fire was out but the roof of the barn is still smoldering.

2043 – RP called and said her vehicle was struck while she was out at supper. She wanted an officer come and look at her car.

2346 – Per an officer, a male was there with a girl overlooking the city. Was told to find another place to park.

Sunday, Nov. 7

0140 – Caller reported a vehicle was running around Flips in the west end. It was driving faster than it should and was circling the area. She thought the driver is intoxicated. Per officer, UTL vehicle.


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