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911 Calls


November 10, 2021

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• 11/01/21 09:24:00 - Caller reported he was unable to leave his house with his young son as there was a brown and white pit bull in his yard growling and barking at him. He was concerned for the safety of his child. He called back and stated he didn't need anyone at the house now as a female came by looking for her dog. He asked if it was brown and white and she said it was. He told her it was growling and barking at him and he would appreciate it not being let out to roam. No officer needed at this time.

• 11/01/21 12:30:21 - Caller reported a brown and white dog, really skinny looks to be a collie that has been hanging around their apartments. It has a rabies tag. They are concerned for

The welfare of the dog as it gets colder out.

• 11/01/21 12:50:48 - Caller stated they got a number from the tag from the vet. They are attempting to return the dog.

• 11/01/21 12:53:21 - Updated g2 as to the status and owner of this dog.

• 11/01/21 14:19:20 - Wallet was brought into dispatch. OJ stated she left word with someone to Tell the owner it was here.

• 11/01/21 14:20:56 - Called and left a message for the wallet owner.

• 11/01/21 15:26:06 - Caller reported a black cow out at the stockyards. Called the brand office and they are going to go and check on the cow. There are cattle at the stockyards.

• 11/02/21 04:32:44 - Caller reporting she hit a deer and she went in the ditch and rolled her vehicle on its side and she is stuck inside. She said she wasn't hurt.

• 11/02/21 04:36:00 - Fire command on scene, vehicle is off in field.

• 11/02/21 04:38:29 - Ems called, said driver is fine, waiting on deputies.

• 11/02/21 05:09:10 - V22 requested wrecker.

• 11/02/21 05:12:06 - Hinsdale fire is all in barn.

• 11/02/21 10:00:54 - Caller reported on 911 that someone hooked onto his trailer and drug it across his property. He was asked to call back on the non emergency line to finish the


• 11/02/21 10:09:54 - Once the caller connected with dispatch again, it was reported that the trailer in question is a black single axle ramp trailer, 15 ft which belongs to the caller's father who is out of town at the moment. The caller and his father run a construction business which the trailer is utilized for. The caller further stated he knew who took the trailer, it was his grandfather, as he watched him hook up to the trailer and take off. Passed on information to po9.

• 11/02/21 10:35:52 - This is a civil issue concerning the trailer.

• 11/02/21 10:27:04 - Caller reported a vehicle that had hit the cable on the bridge at approximately 6 miles west of Hinsdale and just east of Bjournberg bridge. He states the woman said she reached down to get a blanket for her child and swerved into the cable. The caller did mention the tire was a ways behind where the car came to rest. There are no injuries reported. Passed on to v21 who requested mhp notified. Called MHP at 1017. At 1024m MHP 227 called to find out the deputy responding, gave her that information and she stated she was going to call him as she is just leaving from Wolf Point.

• 11/02/21 10:27:53 - V21 advised he told mhp 227 she could stand down as she is another 45 mins away. He stated he would handle the call.

• 11/02/21 11:26:05 - V21 advised the party is going to move the vehicle themselves in a couple of hours. V21 is going to finish taking pictures of the guardrail and asked that i contact dot.

• 11/02/21 11:28:07 - Message was left for Glasgow dot about the damage to the guard rail at this location.

• 11/02/21 12:57:11 - Caller was concerned that her parents received a no animals letter from the landlord and the caller's daughter is staying with her grandparents for a bit and has a small dog. The dog is stated to bark a lot. The caller is concerned that the grandmother is going to do something rash and didn't know if the dog was found and put into the pound. Passed on the call information to po9 who was going to try to talk to the caller.

• 11/02/21 16:48:47 - Caller reported a young black cow east of the horseshoe bar. The caller didn't get the mile marker. She believed that it was in Roosevelt County. Notified Roosevelt 911 of this.


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