By Barbara K. Hansen

Tired of Reading About Unvaxxed Being Protected

Letter to the Editor


November 3, 2021

When I looked at this week's Courier I thought, 'Oh, good, the autumn bazaar was a success.'

However, there was nary a mask in sight!

It's as though there is no covid pandemic and somehow we are immune to any threat in spite of the fact that Montana has been listed as a state with a low vaccination rate.

The "anti-vaxxers" seem to reign and the words of trained scientists are ignored. No one should ever have to explain or apologize for wearing a mask!

Then I turned to page A2. Uff da! I am tired of reading about the unvaccinated being protected by a recently passed law designed to protect business and economy.

It may protect the three entities mentioned, but what about the health of the people who are at risk?

There are those undergoing cancer treatment, those who have other underlying conditions and the elderly.

Don't these people deserve some respect and consideration?

We seem to be a part of the "ME, ME and ME ONLY" culture group.

I know Montanans can do better than this.

Why is it that the employees of Valley View and FMDH are not required to be vaccinated? This makes no sense at all.

They, of all people, should understand the importance of vaccination and not resist the procedure if that is the case.

I have heard that some health workers have been threatened for their views and have just given up on their careers.

Is this what we need in a time when there is a shortage of nurses and other health related workers?


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