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911 Calls for Week of Sept. 20, 2021


October 6, 2021

There were six motor vehicle stops, four animal control calls, three hazards, two parking violations, one dog/cat control call, one inspection request, one public assist and one traffic control call.

Monday, Sept. 20

• 1431 – A male called to inform both of his vehicles have been stolen: one went missing Thursday and the other must've been recently, he indicated. He stated he has both titles for both vehicles but one is registered to his wife. 1453 – The male called back to state the one vehicle was still on the property. They didn't see it as it was pushed up further on the property and partially hidden.

• 1953 – Caller reported he hit a deer. No injuries.

• 2033 – An officer advised while doing walking patrol, someone reported they heard yelling inside of a residence. The officer is going to knock on their door to make sure everything is OK.

• 2043 – Received a 911 call. The caller said something about someone being drunk and upset, but was hard to understand and hung up. He said he was at Reynolds and his best friend was trying to pick a fight because he's drunk and upset. The call then disconnected. Dispatch called the number back. A male answered the phone. He said everything is OK. He said his little brother is just being dumb and decided to prank call 911. Tried to get his name and address but he wouldn't give it. He said he doesn't live here and that he's just passing through and hung up. Informed LEOs of the call.

Tuesday, Sept. 21

• 0615 – MDT reporting someone hit a deer. They got the deer off the road but said this person will need a tow.

• 1522 – Glasgow School transportation said they had a bus stopped and letting children off yesterday. I vehicle went through their stop sign. They have the video.

• 1709 – The caller reported there's a guy along side the highway. He said he almost hit him. Asked the caller if he was in the driving lane. He said no; he was on the side. Also notified Roosevelt 911. An LEO was out with the man. There's two vehicles with the man on the side of the road. His vehicle was vandalized. This isn't the person that was almost hit by a vehicle. LEO patrolled to the county line – UTL.

• 1739 – Card started for a vehicle that was vandalized. LEO requested a wrecker at the owner's expense.

• 1824 – Caller reported a man was staggering through their parking lot. He then staggered across the highway and is headed westbound on the shoulder of US 2. She's afraid someone will hit him.

• 1857 – Caller reported he found a Samsung phone. The phone has an old tractor as the screen saver. He wanted to give the phone to someone.

Wednesday, Sept. 22

• 0604 – PCSO called to report a haystack fire near the county line. She said it is being handled by Saco Fire Department and is under control. She said it is just smoldering now. She said she should have called earlier because it's so close the county line that VCSO may get calls about it. She wanted to let us know that we do not need to dispatch any firetrucks. She said it is visible from US Highway 2.

• 1856 – A female called in to report her car got out of gear and rolled back down the street and hit a tree.

• 2121 – A female called in to report someone outside her house shining a flashlight into the house.

Thursday, Sept. 23

• 1453 – FMDH called in stating they have a patient there that was bitten by a stray cat. She thinks it was today, but wasn't sure. Emailed the county health department this call.

• 1558 – The caller reported a side by side that's in the hills on Skylark by the gun range. He said they're driving crazy and they were not supposed to be.

• 1847 – Caller requested an officer. He said he was bit by a dog awhile back and [owners] were supposed to get rid of the dog. They still have the dog. Advised the caller dispatch would ask an officer to call him.

• 1938 – Caller reported he hit a deer. No injuries.

• 2001 – Caller reported he hit a deer. No injuries. The deer (a buck) is still alive and in the ditch. He already left the scene. He wanted to know if he could just pick up a white form.

Friday, Sept. 24

• 0504 – RP called and said a man climbed out of his vehicle, left the door open, then climbed into the back seat. She's worried he's drunk, and she is alone in the store. Got a hit response on the subject when running his license. Called Lewis and Clark County regarding validity of warrant and extradition.

• 0840 – A female called in to report a gas drive off for $75.

• 0904 – A male called in to report someone hit his fence last night and took out about 10 feet of it, which is now in his neighbor's yard.

• 1604 – BNSF said they have an eastbound Amtrak train due to arrive in Glasgow in 15 minutes. They have an unruly passenger on board that they want removed. She believes they will try to stop at the depot. The conductor will point the subject out to the officers. 1724 – The man removed from Amtrak came into the lobby. Dispatch couldn't understand what he wanted. Two deputies talked to the man. One advised he just wanted to thank them for finding him a place to stay.

• 2007 – Caller reported a man screaming at people at the corner of the Dairy Queen and underpass. She said the man is on the sidewalk.

• 2108 – Caller reported a male has been in the store, sitting by the second register for 30 minutes or so. Per an officer, individual left the store a few minutes ago. Will patrol area looking for him. An officer spoke to the individual.

Saturday, Sept. 25

0026 – Caller would like an officer to respond to her house. She says her house window was broken out sometime between 1130 and midnight.

0858 – Caller wanted to speak to an officer about her ex-boyfriend. He was in town last night and apparently was at a house drinking not far from where the caller was staying. She stated she has had problems with the ex boyfriend in the past and doesn't want him calling her and harassing her. She stated the only reason she answered the phone was because she thought it could have been one of her family members. The number came up no caller id. Notified an officer who will call when het gets back in the office.

1128 – A male called in requesting an officer for a male subject who was causing a disturbance. He states the subject was staying at a hotel but they have kicked him out. At first the male refused to leave. He has since left. The caller states further that this subject trashed his room and last night he was screaming and this upset some patrons. An officer advised the subject did not trash the room but did leave some garbage in the room. He is going to the train station to talk to this subject now. The officer advised he told this individual that he has to stay at the train depot and if he has any more dealing with him or any other complaints he will be going to jail.

1242 – A female called to state there is a man stripping down to his underwear and getting verbal. She advised he seems disoriented and agitated. She stated she believes officers were just there looking for him.

1858 – A female called in stating she has received threats from an individual. She would like to speak to an officer about this. 2154 – A deputy serving a no contact letter. Per the deputy, both parties served.

2231 – Caller reporting he hit a deer. Deer is still alive. Vehicle is drivable.

2254 – Caller is reporting a car went and turned around in the cul-de-sac and came whizzing by her place and it sounded like something hit her car with a thump. She went and looked but didn't see anything or any damage.


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