By Bonnie Kemp

Alive at Five, and Tall Weeds

Letter to the Editor


September 22, 2021

I am writing to thank the Downtown Association for hosting the Alive at Five. Even though [the most recent] one was not very well attended, it was a nice time. To those of you that didn't attend, you missed out on good music [and] the chance to see the few children that were there having a great time.

You also missed out on the chance to visit with friends and neighbors you don't normally see.

Should the association continue this next year, I hope you will attend and enjoy all the festivities.

Now, for the disappointing part of it -- all the tall weeds in the little park behind the library.

I feel the city should have taken care of them before this event. They keep advertising that owners of weedy lots will be fined or the city will take care of them and add the cost on their taxes.

This is what should be done to that area.

That park is located in our downtown area where visitors to our town can see it. What an impression on our city.

With a little upkeep, people may want to have a picnic there or go to the library, check out a book, go back out and enjoy reading in the fresh air.

I hope the city will take heed and do something with it.


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