By Marlene McVee

Remember 9-11

Letter to the Editor


September 15, 2021

We must remember that there are many who were not here 20-years-ago when the terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and almost hit the U.S. Capitol. The horrors of that day must not be forgotten! Teachers ans schools must not be allowed to try and cover up this attack.

Several years back, I was awoken one night when God spoke the words 'Sycamore Tree' to me. I had no idea what that meant, but remembered it was mentioned in the Bible. But why these words now?

I awoke the next day to research the possible meaning, which led me to the report that the church across from the Twin Towers with a sycamore tree next to it had been protected from the damage [by the tree]. This church [St. Paul's Chapel] was where George Washington was inaugurated and attended.

The next morning after the attack, the Senate leader spoke Isaiah 9:10, saying they would replace that tree [damaged during the collapse of the Twin Towers] with a different one. The one they panted later did not live and soon died.

Now, we must listen to a faux president try to say the Afghanistan closure attempt was his wonderful achievement, but we will not believe that while we still have Americans left there under the control of the same terrorists who attacked America 20-years-ago. We must listen to him say we are safer today.

Wake up America!

We love this country. God will protect us as he did with the little church 20-years-ago. Thank you for praying against all attacks on us.

Please help our children know the truth about historical events like this one.


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