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By Kim Flatow

Complaint About VCSO

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August 11, 2021

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I am writing this letter, pondering the horrible actions of some people and how they feel they are entitled to do absolutely asinine and morally reprehensible things with no conscience.

On Saturday, Aug. 31, a deputy with the Valley County Sheriff's Department went to a residence in Glasgow, looking for a woman to serve her with legal papers. This was the residence of the son of this woman.

The son explained to this deputy sheriff his mother was a resident of Valley View Nursing Home and was in fact in the memory care unit, further stating his out of state sister was the Power of Attorney for their mother.

The deputy sheriff then consulted with Sheriff Tom Boyer.

Sheriff Boyer directed the deputy to take the woman's son to the Valley View Nursing Home, insisting that they would serve a woman in a memory care unit, suffering from dementia, with the legal papers.

If you have ever experienced having a loved one suffer from dementia, you may be aware of the rapid decline of people when it gets later in the day.

By late afternoon and early dusk, many patients suffer from a condition called Sundowners. Dementia robs the mind from their victim. Paranoia, hallucinations, irrationality and total fear are just a few of the manifestations of the mind for these people suffering with this terrible disease.

This woman was not able to comprehend what was occurring.

She was not able to give her consent to have these papers then be given to her son.

What this woman experienced was total confusion.

The nursing staff at Valley View tried to deflect this serving of papers to this unfortunate woman to no avail.

The deputy sheriff stated he was specifically directed to this action by Sheriff Boyer.

When informed of the events that unfolded, the power of attorney for this woman called Sheriff Boyer. He blithely told her he could do whatever he wanted to do. He was his own boss.

I am astounded any elected official would feel they could do whatever they want without considering his constituents. His bosses, if you will, are all of the citizens of Valley County.

No consideration was given to the mental health of this woman and her overall poor physical health.

No consideration of the unfortunate situation this woman, and her children, found themselves in.

While she is safe in a controlled environment, her children are grieving the slow demise of their mother. Her mind is dying and her body is following.

Where is the compassion for a fellow human being?

Where is the humanity?

I pray Sheriff Boyer never has to experience such a degrading and emotionally scaring event to have to happen to his mother or father while they suffer from this terrible disease.

I do not blame the deputy sheriff for this unfortunate situation or Valley View Nursing Home.

I blame the horrible attitude of Sheriff Tom Boyer and have sympathy to the less fortunate in Valley County and the city of Glasgow community in particular.

There is no excuse for his actions.



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