Speed Limit Sign Needed

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Speed Limit Sign Needed

There is a problem for people in northeast Glasgow between the high school, middle school and church.

We have encountered hazards.

First, a 15 mph sign on the west end of Angus Street has been removed.

On the east side at Cloud Street, there is a sign that says "SLOW." Does this mean 25 mph?

Now, on Angus and also on Cloud, people have said it is just about impossible to back out of their garages because of traffic. They must back in their garages or driveways.

We live by a great lake with fish and our area has changed some because older people have sold and young families moved in with boats, trailer, campers and more cars and trucks.

With these families are also young children, which is expected.

But, we are having hazards in place with all the goodness.

We must change for slow speed for our streets in the Highlands because it is getting to be to large a hazard for our children.

Do we wait until one of the little ones are killed or do we change before one of the little ones are killed or injured.

We in these areas have talked about our problems and want something done. Period.

Larry Cote



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