By Tyler Edwards
GPD Interim Chief 

Police Chief's Desk

Enjoy Fireworks Responsibly This July 4th


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The Glasgow Police Department reminds our community about their local fireworks ordinance. This ordinance was created to allow the youth the opportunity to light minor fireworks off in the city limits with their family. The old ordinance did not allow any fireworks in the city limits. The revamped ordinance came into effect in 2017. The Glasgow Fire Department and the Glasgow Police Department would like community to participate in the 4th of July fun under this ordinance, but to be considerate of the others property and right to peaceful evenings. You may light off fireworks from July 3rd to July 5th within the city limits as long as they do not go in the air in excess of 10 feet. You may only light off fireworks from 12:30 PM to 12:30 AM on these three days.

Any person who abuses the rules is subject to a fine no less then $100 and no more then $500. Individuals allowing fireworks that damage any property or leaves garage from fireworks are liable for all damages and criminal penalties. Ultimately the bigger fine could be to the youth of Glasgow if this ordinance was repealed due to abuse or major accident. Be smart and have fun.

(Stay tuned till next week for part 2 of a traffic stop from the officer's point of view.)


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