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Thank You Glasgow and Hinsdale!


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Our family from New York and Pennsylvania had a week long adventure in Middle of Nowhere, MT. Most of us had not previously seen your wonderful state or been on a ranch. Our visit was packed with numerous great experiences.

We want to give special thanks to Sterling Carroll for hosting us, Terry White for being our local guide, and the Christensen family for teaching us some of the work required for calves.

We were made to feel at home on Mr. Carroll's beautiful property.

Terry shared some of the area history and told us about ranch life. He gave us tours and explained the many steps needed for the installation of crops.

The Christensen family welcomed us to their ranch.

Donna, Chris, Carol and Chisholm not only provided our lunches, but also let us get hands-on for the tagging, branding, castrating, and vaccinating of their calves. We had an unforgettable visit.


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