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By Mike Lang
State Senator 

Conservative Power and Priorities in Helena


April 14, 2021

For sixteen years, conservative policies have met their demise via Democrat governors' veto pens, blocking significant progress to move Montana forward. But now, Republicans in Helena are poised to build a better Montana for all Montanans.

We are reviewing liberal policies that were put into law and rule. but with the first Republican governor in sixteen years, we will finally put our critical, conservative priorities into law.

Somewhere along the way, some have forgot that Helena works for the people, not the other way around. Republicans are reversing this course of action. Under Governor Gianforte, we will fight for the forgotten Montanans, restore customer service to our state government, unleash the private sector's power, and create a pro-business environment that will help spread prosperity to every corner of the state.

Montana thrives when the government gets out of the way and allows the private sector to operate freely. That's why reopening the economy and removing unnecessary, cumbersome regulations that hamper our state's economic growth and undermine the success of Montana's small businesses is at the top of our caucus's priority list.

Thankfully, we have already taken swift action, and legislation that will safely reopen our economy and get Montana back to work is on its way to the Governor's desk.

On top of that, Republicans are following through on everything we've campaigned on for years: protecting our First Amendment Rights, relentlessly defending the Second Amendment, lowering taxes, creating more, good-paying jobs, expanding access to affordable health care, unapologetically passing bold pro-life legislation, and strengthening the security and integrity of our elections.

My top priority is supporting Montana's most important industry – agriculture. Our farmers' and ranchers' hard work puts food on the table for families across the country and the world. However, for too long, policies have placed liberal special interest groups ahead of the Montanans that feed our state and our country. Natural resources, created by Mother Nature, are the substances from which our State exists.

I will be lighting for North East Montana's farmers, ranchers and businesses' by sponsoring oe endorsing multiple bills that will free our way of life from the grip of unfair, burdensome restrictions in the federal and state government and support made in Montana agricultural products.

With national Democrats promising higher taxes, more regulations, socialized medicine, and the Green New Deal, it's more important than ever we preserve our treasured way of life from radical, far-left progressives running the federal government.

It's an honor to serve my constituents in Senate District 17 and Montanans all across the state, and I encourage all Montanans to get involved in the session and make their conservative voices heard.

This is the 16th day of the 67th Montana legislative session and the pace is slow. However, I am following specific bills across the rosters of both the House and the Senate. I will communicate the progress of these bills as the session engages.

Please reach out to me at 406-654-7357 or [email protected]


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