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By Mary Honrud
For the Courier 

Sunday Blathering


April 14, 2021

Mary Honrud / For the Courier

Blossom on the geranium adds color inside the house.

Why does it seem that every Sunday brews up some not-so-nice weather? Or is it just me that feels that way? Way up here, far beyond the Middle of Nowhere, this past Sunday gave us lots and lots of wind, sharply dropping temperatures, and snow flurries. Mother Nature in Montana goes out of her way to make sure we'll appreciate those rare, really fine days. I'd like to show more appreciation...

Since the nasty weather is keeping us indoors, we're appreciating all our modern conveniences - heat, mainly. We're also happy with those people who work to keep the power on to run all the things we can't imagine living without. I'm very happy with insulated walls. My houseplants do, too. Another on my many amaryllis bulbs has sent up flower buds, so there should be flowers next week. A few of the geraniums are also blooming.

The cuttings I took from my dipladenia plants still show no sign of roots forming. But they're still green and pliable, so I will continue keeping water in their cup. I plan to get a few ivies pinched off to root. That's the extent of my planning for this summer's flower pots. No seeds have yet been started, and most likely won't. I'll be relying on the local greenhouses.

I mentioned to my neighbor that I have thought about starting some seeds, but I'm being very lazy so far this spring. I'm afraid that old saw about how it's the thought that counts won't do me any good as far as gardening goes.

Dennis had brought the garden tractor down here from winter storage. It's parked over by the garage, and now is sporting an extremely flat tire. I'm not ready to work the garden yet anyway, so that gives me the best excuse for not doing it. I'm still hoping we'll get a good soaking rain before its time to plant anything.

Two more of my flowerbeds have been cleared. It's always cheering to me to see the bared ground again. The birds also seem to like me stirring up whatever foodstuffs they like that were hiding in and under all that debris.

The little birds have already emptied one of the feeders I'd filled a week ago. Yes, I've refilled it. This one holds regular bird seed, not the thistle I put out for the goldfinches. (They usually arrive the first week in May.) It has a cage around it to thwart squirrels, but we don't have any of those up here. That cage does prevent the grackles from emptying the seed onto the ground. I've tethered the cage to the post of the shepherds hook I hang feeders from so the wind can't empty it, either. Just now I noticed one of those bully birds perched on an unused planter near the feeder, staring hungrily at the seed it can't plunder. I'm imagining its anger at the situation, and it makes me happy.

I'm heading off to make popcorn with lots of butter (our usual Sunday supper). Then I'm going to relax with a good book.


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