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ScottieWrestlers Take Three of Four Over Weekend


January 13, 2021

Gwendolyne Honrud

Shalynn Pedersen goes for the pin against a Havre Blue Pony in an exhibition match Jan. 8

The Glasgow wrestlers hosted their home opener Friday, Jan. 7, the first of eight events this season in Glasgow, before traveling to Cut Bank for another triangular on Saturday. Glasgow faced off against two Class A schools, Havre and Dawson County and matched up against Cut Bank and Lincoln County on the road.

At home Glasgow lost their first dual against Havre due in part to forfeited matches. Wins and losses for both teams were even at five a piece, but Glasgow gave up two matches to forfeits while Havre had only one forfeit. The final score of the dual was 36-33 in favor of the visiting Blue Ponies. Four of the Scotties' wins were pins and one a decision. Damon Adkins, Jake Kuka, Colten Fast and Mayson Phipps won by pins, while Cooper Larson won by a 3-1 decision.

The Scotties took on the Red Devils to finish out the day's triangular, and defeated the visitors by a 48-30 margin. The home team had four wins by pin and four wins by forfeit, giving up three losses and three losses by forfeit. Dawson Boland, Damien Nesbitt, Kyler Hallock and Kohl Kittleson were the Glasgow victors.

In Cut Bank, Glasgow won their dual against the hosts by a score of 43 to 28 on the strength of five wins and three wins by forfeit. Mason Donaldson, Damien Nesbitt and Phipps all won by pin while Adkins won by a 6-3 decision and Jake Kuka won a 9-1 major decision. Fast said his match against Ty Curry from Cut Bank was his most challenging so far. He also said, "The season is going well considering all of the COVID limitations and stuff."

Glasgow's biggest win came over Lincoln County. The Scotties' six wins and four wins by forfeit propelled them to a 60-18 victory. Adkins, Devon Nesbitt, Fast, Damien Nesbitt, Dylan Nieskens and Phipps all won by pin. Phipps said he is feeling really good about his season so far. The senior added that none of his matches has proven challenging yet as, "everyone I have wrestled has been really young."

The Scotties have a busy upcoming weekend. They will be on the road Thursday, Jan. 14, traveling to Miles City with action against Miles City and Colstrip beginning at 4 p.m, followed by a trip to Malta to face the Mustangs and Lewistown at 4 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 15. Glasgow will host Chinook, Circle and Harlem on Saturday with action beginning at 1 p.m.

Glasgow vs Havre

Dual Meet Summary

103 Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) defeated Kirkidie, Jerry (Havre) === {Fall 0:25} (Score: 6-0)

113 Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) defeated Harris, Carson (Havre) === {Fall 2:15} (Score: 12-0)

120 Knoles, Braydon (Unknown) defeated Forfeit, (Glasgow) === {Forfeit} (Score: 12-6)

126 Chagnon, Mick (Havre) defeated Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) === {Fall 4:01} (Score: 12-12)

132 Velk, Hunter (Unknown) defeated Forfeit, (Glasgow) === {Forfeit} (Score: 12-18)

138 Pleninger, Riley (Havre) defeated Ost, Alex (Glasgow) === {Fall 0:25} (Score: 12-24)

145 Pleninger, Kendall (Havre) defeated Nesbitt, Devon (Glasgow) === {Decision 6-4} (Score:


152 Fast, Colten (Glasgow) defeated Wilting, Mason (Havre) === {Fall 0:15} (Score: 18-27)

160 VanCampen, Kale (Havre) defeated Nesbitt, Damien (Glasgow) === {Decision 5-1} (Score:


170 Thivierge, Orion (Havre) defeated Hallock, Kyler (Glasgow) === {Fall 4:50} (Score: 18-36)

182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) defeated Tommerup, Randy (Havre) === {Decision 3-1} (Score:


205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Havre) === {Forfeit} (Score: 27-36)

285 Phipps, Mayson (Glasgow) defeated Thomas, Zale (Havre) === {Fall 0:35} (Score: 33-36)

Final Score: 33 - 36

Glasgow vs Dawson County

Dual Meet Summary

103 Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit, (Dawson County) === {Forfeit} (Score: 6-0)

113 Berry, Austin (Dawson County) defeated Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) === {Fall 1:12} (Score: 6-6)

120 Gilbertson, Tyrell (Dawson County) defeated Forfeit, (Glasgow) === {Forfeit} (Score: 6-12)

126 Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) defeated Gentry, Jace (Dawson County) === {Fall 2:16} (Score:


132 Jarvis, Tristan (Dawson County) defeated Forfeit, (Glasgow) === {Forfeit} (Score: 12-18)

138 Azure, Hayden (Dawson County) defeated Ost, Alex (Glasgow) === {Fall 1:59} (Score:


145 Harrington, Cody (Dawson County) defeated Nesbitt, Devon (Glasgow) === {Fall 1:36}

(Score: 12-30)

152 Fast, Colten (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Dawson County) === {Forfeit} (Score: 18-30)

160 Nesbitt, Damien (Glasgow) defeated Ruske, Tommy (Dawson County) === {Fall 5:49}

(Score: 24-30)

170 Hallock, Kyler (Glasgow) defeated Franklin, Aiden (Dawson County) === {Fall 3:37} (Score:


182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Dawson County) === {Forfeit} (Score: 36-30)

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Dawson County) === {Forfeit} (Score: 42-30)

285 Kittleson, Kohl (Glasgow) defeated Bustos, Thomas (Dawson County) === {Fall 0:42}

(Score: 48-30)

Final Score: 48 - 30

Glasgow vs Cut Bank

Dual Meet Summary

103 Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) defeated Schmidt, Richard (Cut Bank) === {Decision 6-3} (Score:


113 Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) defeated Murphy, Bradin (Cut Bank) === {Maj Dec 9-1} (Score: 7-0)

120 Kennedy, Hunter (Cut Bank) defeated Forfeit, (Glasgow) === {Forfeit} (Score: 7-6)

126 Berkram, Wyatt (Cut Bank) defeated Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) === {Fall 3:10} (Score:


132 Pedersen, Shalynn (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Cut Bank) === {Forfeit} (Score: 13-12)

138 Branch, Kanon (Cut Bank) defeated Ost, Alex (Glasgow) === {Fall 1:08} (Score: 13-18)

145 Larson, Matt (Cut Bank) defeated Nesbitt, Devon (Glasgow) === {Fall 1:24} (Score: 13-24)

152 Donaldson, Mason (Glasgow) defeated Barcus, Brock (Cut Bank) === {Fall 4:27} (Score:


160 Nesbitt, Damien (Glasgow) defeated Sullivan, Ethan (Cut Bank) === {Fall 0:39} (Score:


170 Vanek, Austin (Cut Bank) defeated Hallock, Kyler (Glasgow) === {Maj Dec 10-2} (Score:


182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Cut Bank) === {Forfeit} (Score: 31-28)

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Cut Bank) === {Forfeit} (Score: 37-28)

285 Phipps, Mayson (Glasgow) defeated Gallagher, Jeremy (Cut Bank) === {Fall 1:30} (Score:


Final Score: 43 - 28

Glasgow vs Lincoln County

Dual Meet Summary

103 Adkins, Damon (Glasgow) defeated Lancaster, Blake (Eureka) === {Fall 1:14} (Score: 6-0)

113 Kuka, Jake (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Eureka) === {Forfeit} (Score: 12-0)

120 Conrad, Carson (Eureka) defeated Forfeit, (Glasgow) === {Forfeit} (Score: 12-6)

126 Durden, Kyle (Eureka) defeated Boland, Dawson (Glasgow) === {Fall 1:02} (Score: 12-12)

132 Pedersen, Shalynn (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Eureka) === {Forfeit} (Score: 18-12)

Gwendolyne Honrud

Damon Adkins pins a Dawson County Red Devil in an exhibition match on Jan. 8 in the GHS gymnasium

138 Smith, Gunnar (Eureka) defeated Ost, Alex (Glasgow) === {Fall 0:40} (Score: 18-18)

145 Nesbitt, Devon (Glasgow) defeated Decara, Caden (Eureka) === {Fall 0:52} (Score: 24-18)

152 Fast, Colten (Glasgow) defeated Pettier, Dominic (Eureka) === {Fall 0:11} (Score: 30-18)

160 Nesbitt, Damien (Glasgow) defeated Hume, Jason (Eureka) === {Fall 2:19} (Score: 36-18)

170 Hallock, Kyler (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Eureka) === {Forfeit} (Score: 42-18)

182 Larson, Cooper (Glasgow) defeated Forfeit (Eureka) === {Forfeit} (Score: 48-18)

205 Nieskens, Dylan (Glasgow) defeated Fehr, Johnny (Eureka) === {Fall 1:46} (Score: 54-18)

285 Phipps, Mayson (Glasgow) defeated Hume, Riley (Eureka) === {Fall 3:21} (Score: 60-18)

Final Score: 60 - 18


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