Opheim Christmas Program


December 2, 2020

The Christmas Program will be on Thursday, Dec. 3, 6 p.m. I am happy to announce that we will be going forward with the program as usual. There will be a few important things to remember to keep us safe from COVID. Please respect the COVID requirements. We are hoping to celebrate the talents of our students while trying our hardest to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Everyone must enter through the front doors (East Side) of the school. There will be a sign-in sheet that everyone will need to sign in the office. We WILL NOT be taking temperatures, but we do need a list of everyone in attendance. PLEASE let your family and friends know.

Masking is encouraged. The school will have masks available in the office, when you sign in.

We will set up the chairs, providing distancing between them. Please keep these available for parents of the students performing. If you move the chairs, please only move them into family pods. The bleachers will be used for guests as well, so that we can provide social distancing.

If you are sick or not feeling well please STAY HOME! If you know that you have been exposed to COVID and should be quarantined please do not come.

We will be having a “Special Guest” at the program. Please try to keep a six foot distance between the children while they are waiting in line to collect their bag of goodies.

In the past students have been able to stay after school until the program, unfortunately this year it will not be possible. Please make arrangements for your children to leave the school until they are required to be here. This is VERY IMPORTANT, as we do not want any student unattended while in the school building.

Thank you to everyone for being so understanding during this time. If we follow the rules and comply to the simplest things to keep us safe we will have a better chance of continuing things as close to normal as possible.


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