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By Michelle Bigelbach
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Cases Still on The Rise

GPS Confirms Five New Cases; Irle Elementary School to Go Online Only


October 7, 2020

Since the publication of this story, the Valley County Health Department confirmed 11 more cases of COVID-19 in the county. As of Oct. 7, at 6 p.m., the County has 30 active cases, with 111 recovered for a total of 141 cases.

Valley County reported its first COVID-19 related death on Oct. 6 stating that the deceased passed away on Sept. 24. The county cited “jurisdiction issues” with the state Department of Public Health and Human Services for the delay in reporting the death.

The Valley County Health Department on Oct. 6 stated: “It is with great sadness that the Valley County Health Department confirmed a COVID-19 related death in Valley County. This death occurred on Sept. 24, 2020. Our sympathies are extended to family and friends of this beloved person. The delay in reporting this is due to jurisdiction issues that are ongoing with DPHHS. We are working to improve every step in our COVID-19 prevention efforts in Valley County.”

At press time, the age and gender of the deceased were not available.

Valley County continues to see increases in confirmed COVID-19 cases over the past week in addition to multiple hospitalizations. As of press time, the county has 27 active cases with 103 recovered for a total of 130 cases. The county has also recorded seven total hospitalizations with no current hospitalizations.

“Please ‘believe’ that many people are very sick from this virus,” stated Director of the Valley County Health Department (VCHD) Lynn Miller in a release on Sept. 29.

Glasgow Superintendent of Public Schools Wade Sundby announced in a letter to staff and parents on Oct. 5 that Irle Elementary School will be transitioning to online learning in the wake of increasing positive cases linked to the school in the past few weeks. The transition is expected to be temporary and the superintendent projected a short closure.

On Oct. 1, the Glasgow School District announced two staff members at Irle Elementary tested positive and had last worked or had person-to-person contact with fellow students and staff on Sept. 25, six days prior to the diagnosis. Three days later on Oct. 4, the School District announced three students at Irle tested positive and had last attended in class or had person-to-person contact between Sept. 28 and Oct. 1.

The Glasgow School District has confirmed a total of 11 cases, as of press time, of either students or staff members being confirmed with COVID-19 since the school year started. Due to the school’s increase in COVID-positive students and staff, Superintendent Sundby made the announcement on Oct. 5, Irle Elementary will moving to remote learning effective Wednesday, Oct. 7. The release states a possible date of return will be Monday, Oct. 19, dependent upon COVID test results returning to the Valley County Health Department. All elementary skills programs have also been halted until further notice.

Glasgow Middle School activities were canceled as well including the football game against Circle and the cross country meet in Frazer both scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 8, and the Plentywood cross country meet on Oct. 10. The third through sixth-grade volleyball skills, middle school football and middle school cross country seasons have also come to a close. The middle school girls’ basketball practice has also been postponed until further notice.

During the onling learning period, the School District will be providing grab and go meals for all enrolled students at Irle. If your student would like to have a grab and go meal during the closure, e-mail Katie Potter at [email protected] or call 228-2485 to be placed on the list. The student will be placed on the list for the remainder of the closure. Meals can be picked up at the Glasgow High School loading dock from 10:30 to 11 a.m.

Students who are quarantined still qualify for daily meals throughout their quarantine period. The School District asks that if students are quarantined to indicate such in the e-mail or on the phone and a separate safe place will be utilized to pick up the meal.

During the week of Sept. 28 through Oct. 1 two people positive for COVID-19 participated in the fifth and sixth grade tackle football and third/fourth flag football games. It was not specified if those positive persons were players, coaches or a combination. The Health Department stated since it’s impossible to determine if a classic defined exposure of 15 minutes at less than six feet apart was attainable, anyone who attended or participated in those games may have been infected. The Health Department is asking those who attended the games and have any symptoms or are otherwise concerned, to contact the Health Department at 228-6261.

The Glasgow Recreation Department also announced on Oct. 5 due to concerns raised by VCHD, the GRD is cancelling the remaining schedules for youth football and soccer and ask coaches as well as players to return gear to the GRD office in a timely manner.

Also, on Oct. 5, Valley View Home announced one staff member has tested positive and there is a preliminary positive case with a resident. At this time, the home is standing by for the Health Department to test and confirm the case. As a result of the recent developments, the Home has implemented their isolation protocols with an end date to be determined at a later time.

With the rise in county cases, there are no plans to see any changes to our the county is operating.

Miller stated, "At this point, from what I understand from Dr. Millard is, we are going to stick with the Governor's recommendations and probably not go beyond that. I have heard him [the Governor] say many times is 'I'm counting on Montanans.' So we are saying we are counting on Valley County residents to take this seriously."

The confirmed cases announced over the past week were:

Case 90: A female age 10 – 19

Case 91: A female age 40 – 49

Case 92: A female age 20 – 29

Case 93: A female age 80 – 89

Case 94: A male age 60 – 69

Case 95: A female age 70 – 79

Case 96: A male age 20 – 29

Case 97: A female age 80 – 84

Case 98: A female age 10 – 19

Case 99: A female age 60 – 69

Case 100: Female age 60-69

Case 101: Male age 60-69

Case 102: Male age 90-99

Case 103: Female age 60-69

Case 104: Female age 70-79

Case 105: Male age 40-49

Case 106: Male age 60-69

Case 107: Female age 50-59

Case 108: Female age 40-49

Case 109: Female age 40-49

Case 110: Female age 20-29

Case 111: Male age 80-89

Case 112: Female age 50-59

Case 113: Female age 70-79

Case 114: Female age 10-19

Case 115: Male age 30-39

Case 116: Female age 30-39

Case 117: Female age 60-69

Case 118: Female age 60-69

Case 119: Male age 10-19

Case 120: Male age 10-19

Case 121: Male age 60-69

Case 122: Male age 30-39

Case 123: Male age 40-49

Case 124: Male age 60-69

Case 125: Female age 20-29

Case 126: Female age 30-39

Case 127: Female age 60-69

Case 128: Female age 10-19

Case 129: Female age 10-19

Case 130: Male age 70-79


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