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Things to Ponder Before Voting For Chickens


September 16, 2020

Dear Editor,

To Glasgow city residents:

More things to ponder before voting for the chicken referendum in November.

1. The wording on the ballot does not say it will follow, to the letter, Resolution No. 3039.

It just says, chickens will be allowed in city limits, yes or no. Go to the City Council web page and read the whole resolution. Can random changes be made concerning the chickens if the wording is invalid or unconstitutional?

2. It isn’t clear whether or not the debris collected when cleaning is ‘legal’ to put in the dumpsters. Is there a place at the landfill to take it? Has Thompson & Sons garbage collection o.k’d putting chicken coup cleanings in the dumpsters?

3. Do you have any say about what happens in your neighborhood? What if you have medical reasons that dictates you can’t be as close as 10 feet to feathers, mites, feces,straw or other materials. Also, if the cleanings are put in the dumpster you use, you will have all the effects of owning a chicken coup without the (soothing) therapy or eggs.

4. Has anyone visited with a realtor? Will your property be devalued if you are a neighbor to a chicken coup? Or, even worse, if you are the chicken coup proprietor? What rights does a renter who wants chickens have versus the owner who doesn’t want chickens on his property?

5. Have you called the Chief of Police? He will have the chicken complaints added to his job description. He will have to do the initial inspection for the rules of the referendum. Is that productive work?

There is no need to overthink this referendum … just use common sense.


Shirley Siefert



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