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Dear Editor,

Growing up in metro-Detroit area, I am used to beautifully landscaped, three-story high libraries packed with books in any subject, as well as resources and programs that engaged families and helped to foster the love of reading in the community.

That being said, in moving to Glasgow, it has been an adjustment for me in many areas to do life in a small community. However, in all my many high expectations for what a library should other, our own Glasgow Public Library has more than exceeded every expectation.

Upon entering, the staff is always jovial, helpful, and best of all do not enforce your typical "whisper" atmosphere (as is common amongst librarians). They greet you by name and make it a point to engage with your children. They recommend books, and I have even had a few on staff bring in books that they were getting rid of from their homes and wanted to share with my children. What kind of a place is this? Simply amazing!

For years now, we have been bringing my children to the weekly story-hour every Thursday from 10-11 a.m. Karen and Leta have led this for years and have done an incredible job of making up themed events that are engaging for children in a wide range of ages. They often have asked for special guests to come and present their talents and specialty with the children. Karen and Leta read not only books from each weekly theme, but also use music, dance, and crafts.

They have put in countless hours planning and executing this weekly event. Monthly, the story hour has met at Valley View Home to reach out to not only to the children but also the residents. It is a beautiful idea and has been a great way to get to know more of the residents and staff at Valley View.

Not too long ago, I went back to my hometown (near Detroit), and had some time to take my kids to the story-hour in our city's library. I barely was allowed in, because I would have needed to sign up ahead of time. There was no interactions between mothers, and in fact, it was discouraged. The instructor said the time was to be only for the child's development and the the class was rigid and intense. Honestly, I don't think the kids had very much fun. Upon returning, I was so grateful for what our small town had to offer in terms of creating a place where families can learn together. The atmosphere at our Glasgow Library is relaxed enough that the children feel welcome and accepted, as well as are learning and having fun at the same time.

The Summer Reading Program has been such a fun event that the staff tirelessly puts a tremendous effort into making this fun and engaging for kids and adults. This themed event gives challenges and prizes to those participating, and simply helps foster a love for reading. I feel that if my kids can read well, they can do anything, and any program that helps them to catch that reading bug is a plus in my book.

When I first started using our library, I was introduced to the Inner-Library Loan process. Sadly, I feel like the staff has regretted telling me about this (because I order so much from this). I'm joking, but it really is an amazing resource especially in a small town. Did you know that you can order any book pretty much in the world? I am serious here. I have ordered so many resources, curriculum, music, audiobooks and more from all over. If the staff cannot find it, or if a library cannot send it, many times they will order the book to be added to our shelves. I so appreciate the librarians taking a personal interest in the books requested and trying to find a way to get what one is looking for. They have truly gone above and beyond.

During this recent quarantine time the staff has sought creative ways to get books in the hands of eager readers, while still staying healthy and safe. Curbside pickups from very accommodating staff were much appreciated. They also donated and presented family grab-bag of books and distributed these at the library. It really showed the staff's caring hearts in reaching out to our community in a time of shut-down.

There are countless other programs and activities that our library offers, however, my purpose in writing this was to give a shout out to Glasgow Public Library and thank them for all their creative strategies and time invested in growing this community to learn and grow.

In sum, our library tops Detroit's any day! Thank you Glasgow Public Library for serving our community so well.

Becca Olfert

Glasgow, Mont.


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