Turning Something Bad Into Something Good


April 22, 2020

Once upon a time there was a singer and the singer could not stop singing so she went to the mayour and the mayour said go to the president so she went to the president and she said I am a singer that can not stop singing and the president said go to the goverment so she went to the goverment and she said I am a singer who cannot stop singing and the goverment said go to God so she went to God and God said keep on singing

Micaiah Olfert, 8, Glasgow

Micaiah wrote this story from a journal-time that is done daily in her homeschool. Last week, when asked what we can thank God for, she said "I want to thank God for the Coronavirus." Confused, her mom asked why, and she responded with, "because God always takes something bad and turns it into something good!"


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