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Easter Verse Passover


Dear Editor,

[It is] the days of Passover when Jesus Christ actually died. He rose again exactly 3 days and 3 nights later exactly on the feast of First Fruit.

There is a story in the Bible that tells us that Adam and Eve who had two sons Cain and Able. Cain offered up a sacrifice to God of his best. Able also offered up a sacrifice of what God wanted in an offering. God accepted the sacrifice from Able. He did not accept Cain offering even though he did it with all his heart with the best he had but it wasn't what God required.

Most of you celebrate "Easter." Where did that feast come from?

The name Easter comes from the ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring that is the goddess Astarte who is connected to fertility. The rabbit eggs also represent the goddess of fertility Isis or Astarte. Sunrise services are to the sun god Re or Amun-Re.

Why do we put our brain on the shelf during this Easter celebration, which has nothing to do with Passover. Easter is from pagan gods. Have you ever seen a rabbit lay an egg and are we teaching our children to lie? How do you get three days and three nights from Friday to Sunday? Why do we continue to celebrate this pagan feast? Is it because of peer pressure and our pastors celebrate it?

Will God accept our offering? As Cain's offering? When we honor these pagan gods knowingly or unknowingly that is what we are doing and it is idolatry. We will have to give an account for our action when we stand before God. Think for yourself. Passover was established by God hundreds of years before Jesus but Easter is a man-made feast to compromise God's established feast days. It is a trick from Satan.

Jesus celebrated Passover and not Easter. The word Easter did not exist amongst Believes in the early church.

Today with all our problems it would be wise to recognize what actually happened on Passover. For the first Passover the families who would put blood on the top and sides of the entrance door of their house, the angel of death would pass over their house. The eldest son would then not die. The curse was nullified.

Today with the curse of the coronavirus it might be wise for us to put the blood of Jesus Christ on the doorpost of our heart and our mind. Accept what He has done for you.


Justin Douziech

Hinsdale, Mont.


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