By Gwendolyne Honrud
The Courier 

Preparing for Possible Self-Quarantine


March 18, 2020

Though the COVID-19 outbreak has not reached northeast Montana yet, it is not too early to begin planning for potential self-quarantines. With schools closing and many businesses offering limited services, people may want to consider what they will need at home for the foreseeable future.

With medical experts recommending two-weeks for self quarantines in the event of exposure to the virus, it is recommended that people have a two-week supply of food at home, including non-perishable goods. Plan to purchase shelf-stable beverages, including tea and coffee. Other recommendations include pasta and sauces, canned vegetables and fruit, rice, cereal, crackers, sugar and other dried goods.

Out of consideration for friends and neighbors, do not purchase more than necessary for your household and take note to avoid buying items labeled for the WIC program as participants are limited to certain products. If you have elderly, immunocompromised or other at-risk neighbors, text or call to see if you can help in any way.

Keep medical paperwork and records on hand and keep a one-month supply of prescription medication on hand. Cleaning supplies, hygiene products and disinfectants are also recommended. Prepare a plan with friends and/or family members in the event that an individual does get sick.

As more and more people prepare to work from home, internet bandwidth may be stressed at this time. Limit streaming by downloading ahead of time or at off-hours.

While planning for the next few weeks as the news changes, it is recommended that people also review their supplies and plans for other contingencies common to this area, such as severe winter weather, power outages and wildfires.


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