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Unexpected Opportunity Leads to Filling Community Need


Michelle Bigelbach / The Courier

Owner of Cherry Creek Gear Shop Nick Knight among the array of bicycles available got sale at the shop.

Nick Knight, owner and entrepreneur of Cherry Creek Gear Shop at 239 4th Ave S., Glasgow, never thought of himself as a bike shop owner. He had been a recreational biker all of his life, however didn't have any training or experience of the biking world, outside of his own. When the opportunity presented itself as a result of Ron Guttenberg selling his shop, Knight decided to grab the experience by the handles and pedal forward.

"I would never have thought about owning a bike shop if it wasn't for seeing the ad Ron was selling his business," stated Knight. "I wanted to give back to the community, expand upon the shop that was here, and keep a bike shop in town."

After purchasing the business from Guttenberg in April 2018, Knight first operated the shop out of his garage on Cherry Creek, which prompted the name of the business. "I had to move out of my garage because of the need in the community for not only a bike repair shop but the ability to purchase bikes," stated Knight. In September 2018, he moved downtown on 4th Ave S.

Just like with owning the business, Knight did not have any formal training on the repairs of bikes but has plans to go to a variety of trainings in order to gain further experience. "I worked with Ron at the beginning and had some experience from fixing my own bikes. Throughout this first year I have learned by doing and learning the newer technology that is out there," stated Knight. The only repairs he doesn't do is frame welding and shock rebuilds, only because he doesn't have the equipment to do it, otherwise every other service is available at the shop.

"The most costly repair of a bike owner is from improper assembly of a new bike. Some things might end up being too loose, some might end up being too tight, which can cause havoc" stated Knight. As a result, he offers the service of assembly if a bike is purchased elsewhere. If someone is eyeing a bike elsewhere, he is happy to see if he has something comparable by either look or price in order to keep the purchase local.

In addition to repairing bikes, Knight also sells new and used bikes and can even custom build a bike. He is happy to provide opinions on the right type of bike for you. "When most people think of bikes, they think of a mountain bike. But a mountain bike isn't usually suitable for what they need it for," stressed Knight. The shop also stocks bike accessories for all ages, including gloves, helmets and seats, as well as cross country skis for the winter and Kershaw American made zero-tolerance knifes. For those who have a bike already but are looking to upgrade he offers consignment and trade-ins for new bikes.

This summer Cherry Creek Gear Shop has partnered with the Glasgow Police Department to allow registration of all bicycles to the police department. "There has been an increased theft of bicycles in Glasgow this summer," stated Knight for his reasoning to partner with GPD. The benefit of registering a bike with the police department is in the event the bike is stolen and found, it can be returned to the owner. To register a bike, Knight asks the bike be brought to the shop in order to get a good description written down in the form and the form is sent to the police department.

While continuing to learn the bike world, Knight has huge goals to increase the sport in the area. Currently in the works is establishing a program at Irle School for kindergartners. The program would be integrated into the school's gym curriculum and introduce students to riding Strider bikes in order to improve balance and pedaling. Knight is also working on 501c3 status in order to build a BMX track in the back of the fairgrounds as well as host an Adventure Gravel Race in Fort Peck. "The race would bring tourism to the area. Other places have hosted this type of race and have seen success in not only the event but bringing people into the area," said Knight.

Cherry Creek Gear Shop is located at 239 4th Ave S., Glasgow, 230-2098.


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