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Upcoming Activities at Fort Peck Interpretative Center

As a way to continue learning and exploring during the summer months, the Fort Peck Interpretative Center has a variety of activities planned this weekend to enhance understanding of reptiles and amphibians.

The following weekend, July 5 through 7, the Center will also be hosting activities to provide the opportunity to area children to learn about the various aspects of weather.

On July 13, the Interpretative Center will be hosting their yearly water carnival on the front lawn and at Donut Pond. Attendees will have the ability to drive mini-boats, learn about water plants and invertebrates, as well as understand why aquatic invasive species are so invasive.

For more information on these activities,, contact the Interpretative Center at 406-526-3493.

The Fort Peck Interpretative Center is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily to keep the passion of learning going for students and adults during the summer months.


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