Setting the Record Straight


March 13, 2019

Dear Editor,

Mr. Justin Schaaf is shooting before he knows the target. Your Letter to the Editor in the Courier [Feb. 27, 2019 edition] is off target.

SB 174 was heard in Senate Fish and Game committee. I was in another committee the day exec. action was taken on SB 174. Yes my proxy was voted as a yes. However this was a mistake as my proxy was registered as a no on 174.

On the floor of the Senate, I voted no on [the] second and third reading of this bill. SB 174, the crossbow bill, died on the Senate floor.

Votes can be checked out at the Montana Legislature website.


Senator Mike Lang

MT SD 17

Blaine, Hill, Daniels,

Phillips, Roosevelt,

Sheridan and Valley



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