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By Michelle Bigelbach
The Courier 

Irle Second-Graders Embody Important Figures


March 13, 2019

Denise Winchester / For the Courier

Irle second-graders embodied important figures for the Living History Museum at Irle School on March 7. Pictured back row, left to right, Kinsley Rasmusan (Ruby Bridges), Holt Huntsman (John Adams), Joh Hedegaard (Alexander Graham Bell), Gabe Allen (Donald Trump), Xavier Kenter (William Clark) and Daniel Bailey (Daniel Boone); third row, Paxton Wesen (Barack Obama), Ira Moore (Thurgood Marshall), Adeline Braun (Eleanor Roosevelt), Jack Morehouse (Tom Brady), Allenah Emiline (Nellie Bly) and Sadie White (Harriet Tubman); second row, Jenyr Fercho (Meriwether Lewis), Dallas Wesen (Abraham Lincoln), Austin Nelson (George Washington), Jaxson Kemp (Martin Luther King), Leah Potter (Maria Tallchiefs), Alexa Ball (Billie Holiday) and Rayne Jenkins (Sally Ride); and front row, Marcus Seyfert (Babe Ruth), Harper Wesen (Margaret Phelen Taylor), Colten Schaefer (Carson Wentz), Cooper Gibson (Thomas Jefferson), Amani Probert (Annie Montegue Alexander) and Aiden Wixson (Rosa Parks). Not pictured are Daniel Seiler White (Walt Disney) and Grace Cornwell (Helen Keller).

Ms. Melissa Hlad's and Ms. Denise Winchester's second-grade reading challenge groups embodied past and present heroes and figures from American history for the Living History Museum at Irle School on March 7.

Twenty-seven students picked a famous person to personify, had to research that person and then become that person by dressing the part for the event. Providing presentations at the press of a paper button on their table, each student became the person they selected, speaking in first person, providing the life history and accomplishments of the person they researched.

"This year we had a big enough group that needed to be challenged," said Ms. Hlad. The Living History Museum has been occurring with Ms. Winchester's students for eight years however this year was the first year that Ms. Hlad's group participated in the event. "We are so proud of the students," said Ms. Winchester. Ms. Hlad echoed the hard work stating, "They put in a lot of work and it shows."

Students had to research heroes and figures from America's past and present and choose the top five they were most interested in. After giving their list to their teacher, the teacher then chose the person each student would embody. "We want students to have a part in choosing, but we also don't want to have five George Washingtons," said Ms. Winchester.

The reason for picking their person ranged for each student. "I picked Sally Ride because she was born on my workshop teacher's birthday and she died on my first birthday," stated Rayne Jenkins. Austin Nelson chose George Washington because he "seemed cool," while Leah Potter chose Maria Tall Chiefs because "I like ballet and I liked her story."

Michelle Bigelbach / The Courier

Austin Nelson embodied George Washington during Irle School's Living History Museum on March 7.

Participants included: William Tecumseh Sherman (Reece Martin), Meriwether Lewis (Jenyr Fercho), Barack Obama (Paxton Wesen), President John Adams (Holt Huntsman), Alexander Graham Bell (Johseff Hedegaard), Babe Ruth (Marcus Seyfert), Helen Keller (Grace Cornwell), Billie Holiday (Alexa Ball), Annie Montague Alexander (Amani Probert), Maria Tall Chiefs (Leah Potter), Eleanor Roosevelt (Adeline Braun), Walt Disney (D.J. Seiler White), Martin Luther King Jr. (Jaxson Kemp), Nellie Bly (Allenah Emiline), Abraham Lincoln (Dallas Wesen), Sally Ride (Rayne Jenkins), Thurgood Marshall (Ira Moore), President Donald Trump (Gabe Allen), George Washington (Austin Nelson), William Clark (Xavier Kenter), Harriet Tubman (Saide White), Carson Wentz (Colten Schaefer), Margaret Phelon Taylor (Harper Wesen), Rosa Parks (Aiden Wixson), Ruby Bridges (Kinsely Rasmusan), Tom Brady (Jack Morehouse) and Thomas Jefferson (Cooper Gibson).


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