By Bob Connors
Superintendent of Glasgow Schools 

Statement From Bob Connors on the Feb. 15 Bus Drop Off in St. Marie


February 20, 2019

The following is a statement from the Superintendant of Glasgow Public Schools Bob Connors on the recent drop off of students in St. Marie last Friday. Details about that Story can be found in Saint Matie News in section C of this edition of the Courier.

Friday, Feb. 15, due to the snowy road conditions in St. Marie, the school buses that service that area released students as close to their homes as possible, not at designated stops. We apologize for the lack of communication on the District’s part. These commitments are for all routes that the school district travels.

Our Transportation Department will:

● Make sure the superintendent and principals are aware that alternative stops are being utilized.

● Make sure we will have contact information for all students on each bus.

● Attempt to contact parents/guardians/emergency contact prior to changing the drop off area. If we can not contact the parent/guardian, we will bring the students back to the Central Office/Bus Barn. We contact parents/guardians/emergency contact to pick up their children at the Central Office/Bus Barn.

● We will drive the routes prior to releasing buses to get a visual on the roads, if we are aware of a snow storm.

Here is what we ask of bus parents/guardians:

● Please make sure your contact information is up to date with your child’s school. This includes emergency contacts, so we can have a secondary contact for your child.

● If you have weather come into your area, please contact the bus barn (228-9222), Central Office (228-2406), Irle (228-2419), Middle School (228-8268), or the High School (228-2485).

● Please make sure your child, all ages, is dressed appropriately for the weather. It takes a village to raise a child. If you see something that we should address, please be proactive and contact the district. Our routes go from St. Marie to western Fort Peck area to the county roads towards Tampico. We appreciate any proactive communications.

Until further notice, bus 2 will pick up and drop off at Country Club and 5th Ave and bus 10 will pick up and drop off at Cedar and 5th Ave.


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