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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Vehicle Upgrades


January 30, 2019

As many of my readers remember, I really do miss having the dimmer switch on the floor on my vehicles.

That thought came to mind again the other day and made me think of all the good progress auto manufacturers have made. Things like the ability to lock all of your vehicle doors with one click, as well as rolling your windows up or down. What about seat adjustments—not only up or down, but closer or further from the steering wheel, not to mention lumbar adjustments and heated seats. Makes me wonder what we will progress to. Though, electric cars are not on my list of things to experience.

How many of you may remember the days of driving during a heavy rain storm and got to experience vacuum windshield wiper? Now that was an experience.

The wipers seemed to be controlled by the speed of the motor. Ok, I have had it explained to me just how they did work, but my mind is not on the mechanical level. I will say to you folks that I do realize they worked from the vacuum created by the speed of the engine. Bottom line—they worked best driving very slow, but don’t put too much pressure on that gas pedal, as the wipers then slowed down. Most frustrating! Now I am happy to say, we can make several adjustments to the speed of our wipers, and have the ability to have a little windshield wash when needed also.


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