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Hughes Violates Conditions of Release


December 5, 2018

Valley County Sheriff's Office / For the Courier

Leighton Hughes

On Dec. 3, an evidentiary hearing was held in the Leighton Hughes case. Hughes had previously posted bail and been released from custody with conditions imposed by the Court, including a requirement he be subject to pretrial monitoring with the Glasgow Police Department.

On Nov. 7, the State filed a motion seeking to revoke Hughes' release, alleging he had violated his conditions by using illegal substances. Following his arrest, Hughes denied the State's allegations and requested an evidentiary hearing be held. During the hearing, Sgt. Tyler Edwards, who had supervised Hughes while he was released, testified Hughes had tested positive for illegal drugs and stated he had taken prescription drugs for which he did not have a current prescription.

Following testimony and argument by counsel, the Court found Hughes had violated his conditions of release, revoked his release and ordered Hughes be admitted to bail in the amount of $15,000. Additionally, the Court amended certain conditions of release that would apply to Hughes should he post bond again.


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