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Glasgow Runners Go One-Two in Malta


September 12, 2018

Kim Pewitt / For the Courier

Trevor Shipp's expression shows both determination and fatigue during the cross country meet held in Malta Sept. 8. The Scottie boys finished second just behind Havre at the event.

The Scottie cross country squad traveled to Malta for their annual meet on Sept. 8. The event was held at the golf course just south of town and featured teams from northcentral and northeastern Montana.

The Scottie girls' team claimed the top spot with their win over Havre, Malta and Poplar. The boys placed second just behind Havre.

Iris McKean led the Lady Scotties with her overall finish of third place. Emily Kolstad and Ali Cunningham followed in fifth- and sixth-place.

Team Scores

Varsity Girls: Glasgow 37, Havre 49, Malta 124, Poplar 172.No Scores: Box Elder, Circle, Culbertson, Dodson/Whitewater, Frazer, Harlem, Plentywood, Richey/Lambert, Shelby, Wolf Point

Varsity Boys: Havre 49, Glasgow 58, Richey/Lambert 70, Poplar 137, Wolf Point 138, Harlem 143, Box Elder 231. No Scores: Brockton, Culbertson, Dodson/Whitewater, Fairfield, Frazer, Hays/LodgePole, Plentywood, Rocky Boy, Shelby

Individual Results

Varsity Girls: Iris McKean, 3rd, 20:58; Emily Kolstad, 5th, 21:57; Ali Cunningham, 6th, 22:03; Lauren Padden, 11th, 22:44; Alaina Sallee, 12th, 22:51; Brooke Westby, 15th, 23:23; Katie Kaiser, 22nd, 24:32.

Varsity Boys: Ike Braaten, 2nd, 16:52; Merlin McKean, 4th, 17:27; Colter Barnett, 15th, 18:37; Colin Jamba, 17th, 18:42; Colton Pewitt, 20th, 19:14; Bergen Miller, 23rd, 19:26; Dameon Erb, 31st, 19:42.

JV Boys: Carl Zabrocki, 3rd, 20:08; Garrett Lloyd, 6th, 20:22; Tim Wageman, 9th, 21:14; Ted Tryan, 10th, 21:15; Blake Lloyd, 12th, 21:19; Trevor Shipp, 15th, 21:47; Trevor Johnson, 18th, 22:44; Keevan Sibley, 19th, 22:56; Colter Cumber, 20th, 23:25; Tyler Fitzsimmons, 22nd, 23:56; Jaysen Turner, 24th, 24:25; Jordan Billingsley, 26th, 25:14.

JV Girls: Elizabeth Nyquist, 5th, 27:16; Alexus Nistler, 6th, 28:05.

The Scotties will be in Culbertson Saturday, Sept. 15.


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