By Karen Anderson
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Unshelved at GCCL: Positive Change


August 15, 2018

We are very grateful for the many services and positive changes we have been able to offer to the patrons of Valley County. The internet, mobile apps and devices have enabled us to reach many milestones to serve the community and beyond. And our services are free.

We appreciate the many patrons that are responsible with the privileges we offer—for example, if an item is damaged, they tell us and we work out the replacement or repair of the item. What is hard to understand, and very disappointing to us, is when items are borrowed, but not bothered to be returned due to irresponsibility and/or neglect.

For instance, someone borrows seasons four and five of a particular popular movie series, but doesn’t bother to return them. The contact information they had given us is not valid, notices are returned in the mail, so other patrons have to wait for us to reorder. The standard wait time before we are able to reorder is six months, which is a long time for someone to wait. The alternative is the expense of trying to borrow the item(s) from another library, which also has a wait time for the next patron who wants to check-out the item.

There are rarely circumstances we cannot work out with a patron, if we are contacted.

The library is a great place to work with a variety of tasks to learn and do. We love working with the public and being a resource to the many questions and requests we receive every day. Libraries are no longer just a place to check books in and out.

Stop by and check out the many services we do offer or suggest what you would like to see or have in your library.

Hope to see you soon!


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