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By George Kulczyk
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GKST Swim Season Comes to an End

Kaiser Shines, Miller and Sand Say Good-bye


August 8, 2018

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Ben Miller competed in his final state swim meet in Conrad Aug. 4 and 5. Miller as well as Natasha Sand completed their senior walk this season, which honors senior swimmers in their final year of swim team. Both competitors have lengthy careers and many accomplishments with the organization.

The Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team competed in Conrad at the state swim meet Aug. 4 and 5. Going into the weekend, the team was seeded sixth in the class "A" division. According to head coach Nicole Arnold, Glasgow was embracing the challenge of trying to move up to trophy contention but the deficit of athletes proved to be too strong. "Glasgow had only 22 athletes in the individual events," she explained. "Every other team had five, or more, athletes. We narrowly ended up in sixth-place, but the team demonstrated that they are a team of quality not quantity."

Leading the team with top five finishes was Jordan Billingsley (100m backstroke - 3rd), Raelee Dowden (200m individual medley/100m butterfly- 5th), Trevor Johnson (100m butterfly- 3rd, 50m butterfly- 5th), Katie Kaiser (50m freestyle/400m freestyle/100m backstroke- 1st), Ben Miller (400m freestyle - 5th) and Dalton Sand (200m individual medley/200m freestyle - 3rd, 100m butterfly- 2nd).

Arnold highlighted other noteworthy performances: Sophia Larson, who on Sunday won all three of her consolation heats giving her three seventh place finishes; the Bantam girls had yet again another great swim meet. Haleigh Huntsman, Aubrey Farrar, Emersyn Tofte and Peyten Birkoski had a fantastic relay Sunday where they placed fifth in the medley relay and took off three seconds from their personal best time.

The GKST Athlete of the Week, voted on by the coaches, goes to Katie Kaiser. Kaiser was undefeated heading into the state meet and remains undefeated for the season. "Katie had many fantastic swims," explained Arnold of the accomplished swimmer. "But the most impressive race was her 100m backstroke where she hit a lifetime best time of 1:13.39. With that time, she secured Conrad's pool record and was just shy of the federation by one second. She took home her eight highpoint of the season and was the highest point earner for Glasgow at the state meet."

"The weekend's state meet was full of great competition and amazing sportsmanship," said Arnold. "However, for the GKST it was a bittersweet weekend. For Natosha Sand and Ben Miller this was their final state meet. The two school-year seniors chose to do their senior walk, which was full of many tears and emotions. Both Natosha and Ben have been a huge part of the GKST family for many and will be greatly missed by the whole team."


Team Scores (Class A):

1. Big Sandy, 354

2. Glendive, 271

3. Conrad, 267

4. Shelby, 229

5. Columbia Falls, 225.50

6. Glasgow, 215

Individual Results:

Jordan Billingsley (Boys 15 & Over)

100m backstroke – 3rd, 1:16.85

Rachel Billingsley (Girls 15 & Over)

200m individual medley – 12th, 3:32.41

100m butterfly – 11th, 1:36.77

Peyten Birkoski (Girls 8 and Under)

25m backstroke - 7th, 26.94

Torrance Braaten (Girls 11-12)

200m individual medley – 21st, 5:08.67

Raelee Dowden (Girls 13-14)

200m individual medley – 5th, 3:16.01

100m breaststroke – 8th, 1:37.70

100m butterfly – 5th, 1:30.64

Haleigh Huntsman (Girls 8 & Under)

25m breaststroke – 10th, 31.80

Trevor Johnson (Boys 15 & Over)

50m freestyle – 6th, 27.40

50m butterfly – 5th, 30.70

100m butterfly – 3rd – 1:12.67

Katie Kaiser (Girls 15 & Over)

50m freestyle – 1st, 29.51

100m backstroke – 1st, 1:13.39

400m freestyle – 1st, 5:16.23

Abigail Kulczyk (Girls 11-12)

200m individual medley – 16th, 3:50.80

Sophia Larson (Girls 9-10)

50m freestyle – 7th, 37.46

50m breaststroke – 7th, 52.10

100m freestyle – 7th, 1:27.06

Ben Miller (Boys 15 & Over)

100m breaststroke – 6th, 1:26.95

100m freestyle – 11th, 1:05.83

400m freestyle – 5th, 5:36.52

Bergen Miller (Boys 13-14)

200m individual medley – 11th, 3:07.34

100m breaststroke – 8th, 1:32.14

Ava Reyes (Girls 13-14)

200m individual medley – 6th, 3:16.12

100m backstroke – 9th, 1:30.34

Dalton Sand (Boys 13-14)

200m individual medley – 3rd, 2:45.79

200m freestyle – 3rd, 2:23.81

100m butterfly – 2nd, 1:14.22

Natosha Sand (Girls 15 & Over)

100m butterfly – 11th, 1:18.00

400m freestyle – 8th, 6:15.93

100m butterfly – 8th, 1:33.64

Haylly Turner (Girls 13-14)

200m freestyle – 18th, 3:08.27

Zavier Urbin (Boys 13-14)

200m individual medley – 10th, 3:07.27

50m butterfly – 10th, 35.87

200m freestyle – 11th, 2:43.71

Addison Zoanni (Girls 11-12)

200m freestyle – 20th, 3:50.78

Relay Results:

Girls 8 & Under 100m freestyle relay – 7th, 1:38.95 (Haleigh Huntsman, Aubrey Farrar, Emersyn Tofte, Peyten Birkoski)

Girls 9-10 100m freestyle relay – 7th, 1:18.22 (Kimber Dulaney, Grace Reyes, Myli Swindler, Sophia Larsen)

Natosha Sand competed in her final state swim meet in Conrad Aug. 4 and 5.

Girls 11-12 200m freestyle relay – 10th, 2:55.79 (Abigail Kulczyk, Torrance Braaten, Addison Zoanni, Allie Palm)

Girls 15-19 200m freestyle relay – 5th, 2:13.55 (Natosha Sand, Ava Reyes, Raelee Dowden, Katie Kaiser)

Girls 8 & Under 100m medley relay – 5th, 1:59.46 (Aubrey Farrar, Haleigh Huntsman, Emersyn Tofte, Peyten Birkoski)

Girls 9-10 100m medley relay – 10th, 1:37.17 (Kaylly Turner, Sophia Larson, Myli Swindler, Kimber Dulaney)

Girls 11-12 200m medley relay – 7th, 3:16.64 (Addison Zoanni, Abigail Kulczyk, Allie Palm, Torrance Braaten)

Boys 13-14 200m medley relay – 7th, 2:47.89 (Zavier Urbin, Bergen Miller, Dalton Sand, Damian Cable)

Girls 15-19 200m medley relay – 8th, 2:39.61 (Raelee Dowden, Haylly Turner, Katie Kaiser, Natosha Sand)


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