By Helen DePunydt
Saco Stories 

A Montana Story


Sometimes unexplainable events live in your heart and are told to grandchildren eager to hear yet another one of grandma’s tales.

One of my South Carolina grandchildren asked for a story. I related to her about seeing the Electrolux (vacuum) salesman at the door. I invited him to come in and join my husband and me at our dinner table. After saying grace, our guest was not bashful about filling his plate with a ranch meal which nearly always consisted of beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, plus vegetables. This, of course, was topped off with homemade desert.

While the two men left the table to visit in the living room – I silently predicted the outcome. Sure enough, my dear husband had purchased an Electrolux vacuum cleaner.(I never recalled that I needed a new one).

As I cleared off the table, what puzzled me was the fact I never expected a guest; yet the table was set for three people. Can anyone explain that?

I heard later on that the salesman, a retired Glasgow minister, shared this story with friends.


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