By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Being Safe on the 4th


My first thought is to address the dishes that we used to see in days gone at restaurants. Yes, I did mention them just a short time ago, but when cleaning a few areas of my cupboard, I happened to wash a cup from that era. I found it interesting to see that it was a type of china, made in the USA. Today’s coffee mug is no doubt not china, but made in China.

Now on to other memories. Remember the fire crackers and other fireworks that we used to set off as kids? It is even scary to think about how lucky most all of us were to have not sustained major injuries when we got so inventive. I don’t even remember thinking about safety, but I do remember always being cautioned about fire, and that remains true even today. The 4th of July brings about memories of watermelon and ice cream. Do you remember when you could run across the street or maybe down the block to your local grocer and purchase a Dixie cup of ice cream for a nickel? These were the super convenient Dixie cups as they came with a little wooden spoon attached to the lid on the top. That and the old fudgesicle are part of my childhood summer memories. The good thing about fudgesicle was you didn’t have to share them as they were not made to break in two, so of course you would choose that over any flavor popsicle, that you had to break apart and share. 

Have a great 4th, remember what we are celebrating, and stay safe.


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