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By A.J. Etherington
From the Editor 

Honestly, You Didn't Know?


On this page you will see a letter from Andy Meyers, the artistic director at the Fort Peck Summer Theatre. I think this letter is unnecessary and it represents a problem many of us have. If it was not done for us then we won’t do it but we will still complain about it.

First off, even if you are wholly unaware of theatre, the name Cabaret, which literally means a night club with entertainment and drinks, should have alerted the viewer to the adult nature of the performance. If that is not enough then a cursory amount of research (more commonly referred to as a Google search) would have educated the potential attendee to the sexually charged plot containing a cabaret dancer and a sexually insecure male lead character set in the rising tide of Nazi Germany. I seriously can not think of more red flags for an adult-oriented plot then that.

It took 30 seconds to get that information. I think it was unnecessary for Meyers to need to issue an apology for the fact that those attending the play were unaware of the plot.

Furthermore, I think the anger is misguided. If you want to be upset then perhaps you should be upset with yourself for not having the wherewithal to research the context and background of the things you support.

My point, as brass and harsh as it sounds, is that we must take responsibility for ourselves and stop leaving it to others to do or maintain our lives. This is true for so many things in our lives. We complain but take no action or take no action and then complain.


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