By Michelle Bigelbach
The Courier 

Another Successful Year for VCCC


For the 36th year, the Valley County community has donated funds to the Valley County Combined Campaign in order to help raise funds for nonprofit organizations in the county. According to Board President and Treasurer of the Valley County Combined Campaign Board Dr. Charles Wilson, the campaign was started as a way for nonprofit organizations to minimize door-to-door solicitation, and instead have one mass mailing as a fundraining effort.

Every year there are approximately six to seven permanent organizations and one or two one-year temporary orgnaizations. One representative of each organizaton must be a part of the campaign board as well as one public member. This year, the permanent organizations were the American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, Glasgow Head Start, Scottie Day Care, Valley County Ministerial Association and the Valley Event Center. The Children’s Museum of NE Montana was a temporary organization.

According to Wilson, members of the board will meet in September, and advertisements will go out calling for bids from 501c3 nonprofit organizations to join the campaign. An application will need to be submitted, and then interviews will be scheduled by the board members. The Board will then choose which organization will be placed on the campaign for the year. Only a total of eight organizations can participate and every year there will be some new organizations. Wilson stated the need for the funds is the most important designator in determining who should fill the open spots year after year.

Mailers are mailed out to homes every spring, and the community can either designate one payment to be split among the organizations or they can designate a particular organization(s) to donate to.

This year a total of $20,914 was donated, which was about $1,500 more than last year. The breakdown was:

American Red Cross $2,358.31

Boy Scouts of America $2,395.32

Girl Scouts of America – $1,923.32

Scottie Day Care $2,235.87

Glasgow Head Start $2,438.97

Valley County Ministerial Association – $3,249.97

Children’s Museum of Northest Montana $2,647.29

Valley Event Center – $3,664.95

All of the money collected, minus the cost of the campaign itself (including mailing) goes to the organizations. “Thank you to the community and First Community Bank for their assistance and support,” said Wilson.


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