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Hi-Line Ingenuity Saving the Tax Payer


Dear Editor,

Hi-Line Ingenuity - is what comes to mind when I see an organization such as the sheriff’s office implement the plan that they have in vehicle purchasing.

More than once, driving along one of our county’s highways, have I looked up to be met with an ominous sight of a gray SUV coming my way with official looking antennas and drivers with grim looks on their faces. For that brief moment in checking my speed and other safety concerns, the hair stands up on the back of my neck until we meet, pass and often wave. At this moment, I let my breath out and say to myself, whew, it was only PTI.

I appreciate candidate Joe Horn pointing out this fact of similarity and would like to congratulate the sheriff’s office for this wise allocation of our tax dollars. For although PTI holds no badges, pledges no protection, or offers to serve, they do however offer a presence that in my own travels acted as a reminder to watch my speed and keep an eye on safety. This is all accomplished at no taxable expense to our community.

I do not know who we have to thank in the current administration for decisions such as these but I hope that in the future we may see more creative ways that our leaders can use our resources to the benefit of those they are pledged to protect and serve.


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