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April 11, 2018

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong resident of Valley County and a business person for 35+ years, I have had my uninformed view of Valley View Home.

I knew it was expensive to stay there, and I did question where all the money went. I talked with my mom regarding the tax proposal before our initial vote last year, and she explained to me how nice it was to have Valley View in the community. Shortly after our discussion, I spent some time with a past board member who was familiar with the dollars and cents. I changed my mind and voted yes on the tax proposal.

Two months later, my dad was placed in the home, something we did not see coming. Now, we make numerous trips to Valley View per week and I see first-hand what goes on. It is pretty impressive.

The quality and volume of people that it takes to keep things humming was the most surprising thing to me. Every time a resident may need to go to the bathroom, bed, easy chair, bath, breakfast, lunch, or dinner; one or two people have to be there to help. On top of that, there are the cooks and kitchen staff, activity aids, CNAs, LPNs, RNs, maintenance staff and administrative staff. I am sure I am missing some, but everyone does a wonderful job even when they are short-staffed.

I do not question where the funding goes anymore and I can’t imagine not having Valley View here. Many people in the community will likely have to deal with this at some point in their lives and I cannot express how nice it is to not have to travel out of town to visit a loved one. We certainly did not expect to have my father in Valley View, but unexpected things can happen to anyone at ay time and at any age. It is not always the elderly that require the services provided by Valley View.

I ask that you please keep that in mind and Vote Yes to the Valley View Home.

Dale Borgen



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