By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Crossing the Border


March 28, 2018

My grandson just returned from an out-of-state band trip. His trip made me remember the band trips of my school days.

If you lived in the North Country, you may have gotten to take band trips out of the USA. I remember trips to Canada to take part in band festivals, but what I do not remember is crossing the border.

Today, I would bet that each instrument case, as well as any luggage, etc would have to be inspected at the border crossing. If that had been what happened many years ago, I think it would have been something we all remembered. At that time, crossing the border into Canada didn’t seem to be that big of an issue.

Of course, being a teenager, I was probably oblivious to those things, but I think we may have been waved through on our return trip, as those days the border agents probably remembered us crossing over, knew many of our families and was pretty certain they were not dealing with terrorists. But then, the only concern may have been the crossing of illegal liquor.

I am going to have to dig out a map, as I just thought of all of the swimming and skating we used to do at the “Post.” Were we on the USA side? Hmmm.


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