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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Daylight Savings Time


March 21, 2018

Do you remember when we did not have Daylight Savings Time? I was thinking about the time changes when I decided I might need to wear a watch today. (When you are retired and in the house all day, it is easy to not wear a watch). That, of course, involved setting it to the correct time. It made me think of how many clocks we have that needed resetting that magic morning of time change.

Since we have more than one clock in our house that needs to be wound weekly, changing time is just one more little thing. Yes, I do love my old things like mantle clocks, but it is really nice to pick up your phone and find that has all been done for you without any thought on your part. Back to pre-daylight savings time.

When did Montana decide to go with the time change? I did take a moment to Google that and found that Montana started with the time change in 1970. And no, I do not remember that, but on the upside I do remember other history concerning time change, and I am still not sold on the energy savings theory at all.

Just another brief thought. Remember all of the cartoons you have seen over the years of the old couple making their way to the mailbox through drifts of snow on a stormy March day (the first day of spring) only to find a seed catalog in the mail. Some things do not change.


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