By Ruth Ann Hutcheson
For the Courier 

Support, Don't Criticize


March 14, 2018

Hey all you Scottie Fans, don’t you think it’s time that we start supporting our student athletes and coaches instead of criticizing their every move? There is way too much negativity in high school athletics. The only good that comes from being negative is getting the athletes to fight amongst each other and to not support one another or the coaching staff. Being negative only hurts the athletes. I believe that we forget these are high school kids playing high school sports.

Do I need to remind everyone that the athletics offered at Glasgow High School are team sports, not individual sports? Even though there may be individual events, the scores all count towards a team title. It takes all members of any team to make it competitive and complete.

All of our current and former Scottie coaches spend countless hours preparing for the season and the games. They certainly don’t coach because of their pay – They coach because they love the athletes!

Recently there was a letter sent from someone who seems to know all of the facts. If this person or persons knows what they are talking about, why are they afraid to sign their name to the letter? In my opinion, if you have something to say and you are convinced that you know what you are talking about, sign your name or keep your opinion to yourself!


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