What's Your Resolution?


December 27, 2017

We asked local residents to share their New Year’s resolutions for 2018. Here are some goals they want to achieve in the coming year.

• I will stop being negative about people, places, and things.

• Be proactive with my health.

• Get along with everybody.

• Happily Retire.

• To have a better year than this year.

• Keep Warm.

• Count to 10 instead of losing patience.

• Keep my desk clean at work.

• Stay the same as I am.

• Keep up with the work at my shop.

• Have better faith in God.

• Conquer 2018.

• When everything is perfect, how can you change it?

• Exercise More.

• Make time and work regularly on artwork.

• Deny fear – won’t let fear make big decisions.

• Be More Positive!

• Learn to say no more.

• Make more time for me.

• Spend more time with family and friends.

• Be a better person that I was last year.

• Watch less TV and spend more time with family, reading, exercising.


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