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Grass Range Round-a-bout


November 15, 2017

Friends and Neighbors,

I’m asking for your help in curbing wasteful spending by the Montana Department of Transportation. MDT is once again proposing the construction of the Grass Range round-a-bout at the junction of Hwy. 200 and 87. Last spring, the estimated cost was $3.2 million and is now at $4 million.

We assert that the safety issue at the junction can be addressed at under $250,000, the balance of the $4 million could be dedicated to addressing Hwy. 200 safety issues on either side of the junction.

It’s time that “We the People” take the necessary steps to reign in MDT’S bureaucratic spending. I applaud Sen. Mike Lang of Malta and Rep. Dan Bartel of Lewistown for taking the lead in stopping this ill conceived, over designed, wasteful project. I am committed to helping Sen. Lang and Rep Bartel. I am asking for your support. It would be great if you would gather some signatures and return to me by Dec. 5, at PO Box 2226, Havre, MT 59501.

Thanks a bunch for your support, “Together We Can.”

-Bob Sivertsen


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